Defend Your Trump

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Claw Crusher 5 Points

Beat the first boss.

Double Defense 5 Points

Beat the second boss.

Young Trump 5 Points

Beat Classic mode.

Triumphant Trump 10 Points

Beat the game.

Trumped-Up 25 Points

Beat the game with at least $100B left.

Author Comments

Swing the hammers of cold hydraulic justice to defend the Donald's dollars from bots & burglars!

Up/Down arrows: MOVE
Space: SMASH

Visuals/Concept: Ansel Lies
Programming: Stevie Critoph

Ansel: This idea's been turning around in my head since 8th grade. I'm glad it's finally outta there, man.

Stevie: Ansel made a demo for this over 3 years ago (which is now 'classic mode'), and after a few weeks of remaking it we pretty much ditched the project (I don't remember why). We revived it like 2.5 years later for no real reason, and here it is!


Some games have a high level of difficulty. This isn't a bad thing, and it can actually be quite rewarding to a player when he overcomes a certain obstacle he's been struggling with. For most of the game, the above was the case.
The last wave/boss however, was a source of unbelievable frustration due to crucial glitches and a key imbalance that just ruined the game for me. The first source of agony seemed just unfair:

Those electrical things should NEVER go to the point they reset you to. When there were three of them out at a time i found myself shocked in place over and over. Not necessarily game-breaking, but not fun.

1st glitch on the last boss: If you break the last link on the money grabbing chain while moving upwards and into his tazer, he will zap you and never put the tazer away. I had to restart it.

Worst of all, and this should've been simple to do:
Lets set the stage. Trying to down that guy for a while. Finally go beastmode, have 99.5% of my money after the first boss, 85% after the second. Get some bad luck at the last wave with electrocutes, end up with just over 30% of my cash for the boss. Finally, he's down to his last link on his chain for his final phase, I'm down to $7.5 million. I BREAK the LINK, he PICKS UP THE BAG OF MONEY, and I LOSE. The money had about a quarter inch to fall back to the ground, but no.

TL, DR: In some games, you're fighting enemies. In this game, you're fighting the game's creator. Unnecessarily punishing mechanics, glitchy final boss.

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Really loved this games art direction. The music as well added to to the atmosphere of the game. The only problem I can see is there is a really huge difficulty curve between defeating the first large robot and the smaller robots entering.

Gewd Game.

the enemys and robot suits reminds me to gantz.
btw it needs a pause button, please!

this isn't a bad gam there are just a few thing that annoy me about it. if the controlls could be a might bit tighter and that electricity line thing wasn't always in the exact place to screw me over that would be great bt hey what do i know

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I like difficult games, but there needs to be a few fixes to make the game less frustrating. For one, those electric things should not be able to electrocute me immediately after I get electrocuted, then camp out there. I lost half the money because I got caught in that loop. Another problem is with the electric grabby thing. It's just buggy, I some times should be electrocuted and aren't and sometimes I do get electrocuted when I shouldn't. Another issue is with the jetpack guys not dying until a second after they come in, which isn't really a problem unless they spawn at the very bottom and are untouchable.

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3.33 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2012
5:38 PM EST
Action - Other