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GTA: Sheffield

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[EDIT] - Sitelock has been removed, sorry for inconvienience!

James Porkin's life sucks. He works at a crummy little supermarket, he lives alone and his car hardly works. He dreams of a life with more excitement.

He probably didn't want a life full of guns, football hooligans, drugs and severed body parts. Oh well!

Join James as he struggles to be a crime lord's right hand man AND still stay on the right side of the law in this GTA style top-down driving RPG.

WASD or arrow keys - Driving/walking controls.
R - Changes song.
T - Turns off music.

Feel free to contact me; younowho27@hotmail.com

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make part 2

it ok

what do you mean with sitelock, i canĀ“t understand what is a Sitelock

I'd give this higher. I saw this game on SomeOrdinaryGamers, but he only completed a little bit. It looked interesting and I wanted to give it a try. However, it's been THREE HOURS and I can't even get past mission 1. Is there a cheat, or something? I mean, I'm not a gamer, took me an hour to figure out how to drive the darn car, then I'm driving around delivering hotdogs for three more hours. I'm tired of delivering hotdogs. I know the game is good, but PLEASE help me!!!

In terms of animation, The game is not bad, But has flaws, The game is too hard, GTA : Doncaster is much better than this, Doncaster however has bad audio, This one is the same thing, The vehicle's arrow key control is really bad, I prefer more Doncaster's arrow key car control, Also one more flaw, GTA is not on the right side of the law, Since I didn't play the whole game since I GOT STUCK ON THE FUCKING SECOND MISSION, My final review on this Game is Fuck you, You made diffculty just like GTA III, Make it more user-friendly.