1. Lost On A Dark Ocean

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Sup!!! Please enjoy our surreal drama. We shot this at night, in a body of water. It's about a guy called Kevin and his dog named Majoor, who are drifting along on a globe, lost in darkness on an endless ocean.

But then, there's a flash of light. There it is again. It's a repeating flash of light. Should they make their way over there?

Well, they're desperate, cold, hungry, and lost. So yes, they do start moving in that direction.

On their way there, they find a message in a bottle. A very strange message in a bottle. But it does make sense if you think about it.

When they get closer to the flashing light, which they assumed is a lighthouse, it appears... IT WAS A TRAP!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! The Kronobot's got them!!! The Kronobot!!!! Yeah, Kronobot baby. (Keep watching our series if you don't know what a Kronobot is. You'll know soon.)

What can save them now? Little Majoor, the little doggy, that's who... through smarts that only little doggies have, they shall both be spared. Except their globe that they've been drifting on; that will perish.

And so starts out our drama series of surreality. Stay tuned; there are more parts following.


Not a flash movie!

I agree with the previous comments. NG is for animations and Youtube is for movies. You could get better results if you submit it on Youtube.


That not a flash, no effort put inside, and that very Annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Newgrounds is for animation.

Youtube is for videos. If you have animations, you can submit them here. If you have videos, youtube is where you want to go.

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Feb 4, 2012
5:09 AM EST