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Zombie Shooter 2.8D

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Credits 10 Points

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First blood 10 Points

Kill a zombie.

Instructions 10 Points

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You cheat! 10 Points

Kill a zombie using the console.

Author Comments

This is a first person shooter genre-game, and I call it 2.8D because it's basically 2D but is supposed to look like 3D (even though it may fail at that). It is something I built over the course of 3 months, and is not yet finished; if people like it, then I'll continue it (hopefully).

Just click to shoot, arrow keys to move / strafe.
There's an in-game console that I built, it can be accessed by the tilde key (`)
There are medals available, all of them easy to obtain; once approved.
There are two console commands, kill and open.

This is far from perfect, and just a work in progress. This is the first stage of usage; if people like this game, then I will develop it further, but for now it is just a feedback game. Use the review box below to tell me how to improve the game and whether I should continue this project! I used sprites from some games and the additional art from pranjalmaithani.


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what this is ?!
poor graphics

This game is broken on so many levels, it would take me a day to tell all of his flaws.

naw this game is not for me..

Gimmick responds:

Maybe you'd prefer fallout 76 xxxtreme enhanced 8K supreme HD remastered lootbox edition?

The Zombies do come.. You need to walk around though..

Fun but could be better

So I unnecessarily clicked on this entry not really knowing what it was but then i found out that it was pretty awsome, It was a Swanky element that you added into this one, It even had a Divine feel, This was a very Acceptable flash and i enjoyed it very much, I wouldnt want any Eliminating done other then some small improvments. Its an alright shooter, could use for some more medals, and the graphics could be better you recycled alot, wouldnt hurt to have more options of creature amd enemies to shoot, and I thought the controls could be smotther, but other then that it was not bad at all. Dazzling Yes i did say Dazzling thats what i call this especially to end this review, you have a Dazzling flash here it was interesting and had some good Criteria about it, Now ofcourse there were some areas that could use some more work and more efort and so on, but im sure you will get to that soon enough, but anyways decent flash entry here.

Now here is a Genuinely Fun and amusing game, you have Expressed alot of effort and looks like the time aswell, its a pretty decent game of sorts, but again could use some fixes and improvments, So I thought i would use this little area to help suggest a few tips, advice and ideas, And even bring you a better overall outcome. of a flash so try some out. better detailed enemy choices improved graphics, more smoother controls, and ofcourse more medals.