Father Tucker #11

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Father Tucker gets his hands on infantile treasure. The only thing standing in his way is his Highest Superior on Earth...


aaaahhah hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahaha


This deserves a higher rating!

Unfortunately, this isn't going to get the score it deserves due to your brand of shock humor. It's obvious that you were inspired by John Kricfalusi while being original at the same time.

Graphics: While I did like your lipsync and unique style; this could use some adjustments. First, while I am appreciative of you keyframing the individual pieces to simulate gestures, there wasn't much in terms of character animation. I suggest you study up on lines of action/dynamic poses to make it more salient. Second, I would also recommend that you cut back on your usage of flash gradients. They may be great for special effects and shiny surfaces (Namely the roadway, Pope-Mobile, and the bi-plane propeller); they aren't a good substitute for actual shading unless you really know what your doing. (Example: Anything by GoshaDole) I would also recommend that you try more conventional shading.
Sound: I think that new microphone you got helped with the already-excellent voice acting. Plus, Ryan did a great job on the remade theme song. By the way, have you and the Mitiska brothers considered submitting the music you guys made onto the Audio Portal?
Content: You have never truly disappointed me at all. This was funny from beginning to end, and the direction is up to par with many of the all time great cartoon directors. In addition, your brand of originality is sorely needed these days. The only other people that can compare with you are Catoblepas, Wooden Sneakers, Peixeaquatico, and Golfinho.

-Great voice acting
-Funny as hell
-Fitting music
-Top-tier direction

-Overuse of flash gradients
-Could have been better animated

Overall: Dean, I think another ten from me is proof that you haven't lost it.

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ApocalypseCartoons responds:

thank you very much for the elaborate and positive response. yes, i was influenced by krisfaluci, but i'm more influenced by the old masters that influenced him, like avery, clampett, jones. i know flash gradients are old hat, but that's how i do it. i draw it all in flash, nice and straightforward. and i'm rubbish at drawing backgrounds, so a vague color usually does the trick for me. lazy, but at least it draws more attention to the main action. i thought this one came out well. i'm also glad i haven't lost it. thanks again for all the kind words.


A testament to all Catholics out there.


A strange flash but still has it's funny moments.

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3.20 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2012
1:39 PM EST
Comedy - Original