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Meme City

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A man pitches a show called "Meme City"

My youtube - youtube.com/lazypillow



That's a meme

I love this cartoon because it's just so amazingly ridiculous. You think it's going to be weird when you get to the part with the actual show being pitched. The funniest part was probably when you mentioned bronies at the end. That is probably the most popular thing on the Internet, like ever. I love how the animation is so freaking fantastic! Everything is so wonderfully gorgeous with all these bright colors!

While there might not be that much action, there are still weird things going on that are great to present. I had a feeling you would submit something the same day as "Moisture Care". This could have used more memes, but that was probably part of the joke. It's nice to know you will never lose your touch. I would watch something like that.


Another thing to make it paerfect you could saple the tololo guy's song to make it hillarious XD


The animation is really smooth. And the jokes made me laugh. But you could have put in more memes.

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ok...that was...

Simplisitc humor ^_^

wasn't expecting the exorcist head spin though

Love it.

Funny little idea you got here.
I like how you voice act all your characters, makes it really personal, or so it feels.
Great animation as always, your style is the shizz'.
Funny concept, though sometimes some of your animations feel really short. Not that that's a bad thing, hell no, but I love to watch this stuff, so I'm always a bit sad, if it ends so abruptly.
Anyway, I really liked it.

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LazyMuffin responds:

I'm trying to get back on working on story-driven animations. I understand.

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4.23 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2012
12:58 PM EST
Comedy - Original