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Puzzle Trap 6

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This is the 6th installment in the puzzle trap series. Thanks for playing comments and critiques are more than welcome

Interact with the environment by clicking on objects, find all the puzzle pieces and escape the room.

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buggy as fuck.. i figured you had to bust damn metal ball open with rock crusher just didnt know u had to click the very bottom of stupid thing ,,, dumbass escape i could of been done thirty mins ago thx for wasting my damn time.

cool game


+ Nice puzzles
+ fitting soundtrack
+ easy to acces inventory
+ mystic flair

- Sometimes puzzles are too hard
- soundeffects (not Music) kind of annoying, movement sound to loud, pickup sound actually hurt my ears once (could also be my fault)
- no plot at all (just minor annoyance though)
- Music could be a bit longer (loops too much)
- could open inventory and puzzle pieces at same time (bug)
- the room left from the spawnpoint (beginning) has a black dot on the wall, that is very misleading
- item interaction with the crusher has a too small error margin, needed 5 tries to crush it evetually

0 Graphics are rather dull
0 eye room aestheticly enriching and adds to atmosphere and misleading, but not for to long
0 Kunai (Ninja throwing knife) seems rather out of place

Decent Game with some flaws, you can likely get all but 3 pieces without the help of a walkthrough.
for 15 minutes well spent i give it 2.5 Stars.

it's ok

seems like someone really loves submachine.
It doesn't have the great art like submachine but the puzzles are ok I guess