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rated 3.61 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Feb 1, 2012 | 8:53 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place February 3, 2012

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Author Comments

We want to make a sequel! Leave any suggestions you can! This is a big step in the direction that ProfusionGames wants to go (towards professional game development) and I hope you enjoy our game enough that we can continue making more games and even better ones.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good Game, bad balancing

This game could have been really nice but the balancing really ruins it.
As mentioned before:
Good: Flamethrower, Shotgun, chainsaw.
Every other gun is pretty much useless. Why buy an M16 when the shotgun does 10x the damage for 10% of the price?
So what you wanna do is buy the chainsaw or the shotgun, slaughter some zombies until you get 6000 souls and buy the flamethrower, play 1 more minute and die.
The Difficulty really sucks.
In the beginning its far too easy. You dont even have to move for the first 6 lvls or so, if you buy the shotgun. But after around lvl 12 you suddenly have zombies everywhere, so the game laggs as hell, you kill as much as you can and die in 1 or 2 minutes.

So I am really disappointed, why put so much effort in such a nice looking game, just to ruin it with such simple balancing issues?
Fix the gun prices/Damage, fix the Difficulty and the game will be really fun to play.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Balancing issues hinders the fun

Concept: create a zombie a survival game

Aesthetic: The artwork definitely has the zombie formula down though it doesn't feel as dark in comparison to "Last Stand" or "Dead Frontier". The music is appropriate when it's not sad it's errie which always feels right in any "serious" zombie related game. Sound effects are cool and make sense with action taking place on screen.

Game play: I know it's a zombie survival game, but this game this game crosses the line substituting difficulty for being cheap.

Balancing issue number 1:

First of all Almost HALF THE WEAPONS ARE USELESS and counter productive against the continuing (unfair) growing number of zombies every wave: A pump action shotgun should not be more efficient then an M-16, yet it is! The weapons that are more costly should be more effective. The only way Your going to get anywhere is with the Shotgun or the flamethrower I haven't gotten to experience other weapons cause the game is just too "hard".

Balancing issue number 2:

WAY TOO MANY ZOMBIES Players are barely given a fighting chance and with a flawed upgrading system it's seemingly impossible to acquire all the abilities and weapons the game offers. I'm guessing that's our incentive to keep playing and try to persevere through against all odds but the player has too many disadvantages the zombies spawn to the point of lagging.

Balancing Issue number 3:

NOT ENOUGH SOUL ORBS: This is up for debate but when your going up against a cesspool of zombies on levels 16+ this issue becomes more apparent. Were it not for the previous issues mentioned this wouldn't be a problem.

Overall: you have all the ingredients for a good zombie survival but a poor mixture. Everything feels like it's either too much or not enough. This game is fun for my first two attempts but in the end the flaws are too distracting for me to continue. It's worth a play-though but has too many faults to keep my interest.


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not bad

Killed 1212 zombies bought pandora box it was useless, then bought flame thrower with rage of 100% damage it was like slicing through paper and level got by 4 times up then i was raging, i died in lvl 19


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


First 250 souls, Chainsaw. Lasted me throughout the entire game. Nothing better than a chainsaw and circle-strafing. Why did the flamethrower suck? Only need to build 8k souls then 10k souls so I can try the last two guns. Love this game.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


When your character's finally hardcore and off-guard, a ridiculous swarm suddenly corners you. quite a challenge

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