Scale of the Universe 2

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Now with better graphics, new commentary, and 100 more objects than last time! Eye-popping larger display! Gee-whiz scroll wheel control! Adjustable render quality toggle that puts you in control!

And thanks for amazing ratings!


I feel small.

If this doesn't make you feel insignificant and small nothing will...

The Universe

Is so huge yet so tiny!! I was inspired by your first project for my Flash class final assignment. This one is even better! Thanks for sharing!

I love the concept, but...

You lost a point due to claiming some neutrino's go faster than light. General scientific consensus: impossibruu!

Yea, yea, the LHC experiment that sent neutrino's to Gran Sasso... The main thing we're trying to find out is what went wrong there. For now at least ;)

The main reasons we don't believe it went faster than the speed of light are:
1) We have experiments confirming their speed to be the speed of light (the '70s supernova if I'm not mistaking?)
2) Violates known physics
3) VERY delicate process, easy to make an unforseen error. And statistical fluctuations due to errors do imply that you'll get impossible results sometimes (like measuring the square of a mass and getting a negative number).

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I love this :3

This is a great learning game,and I really like the music.Is it from Spore?

A great mixture of fact and humor

I didn't come here to learn about these things, yet all the same you peaked my interest enough to look a few of them up. What kept me reading was the collection of non-information on some items. Otherwise this would be a quick scroll through, void of fun. I hope nobody on Newgrounds with no sense of humor desires to learn about the universe without knowing what a search engine does...

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Feb 1, 2012
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