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Elemental Defense is back! Use the elements to defend against the invading waves. Level the towers up for more impact while playing through a variety of levels.Bugs fixed and how to play and music added making playing better than ever!


No pause in between levels, the stun from the wind tower is permanent, the range never changes, there's no way to sell towers, the only differences between the enemies are their hp and appearance, and there is no tutorial to let the player know what they are getting into. If this was your first game, it would be totally understandable. However, since I doubt it is your first game, you get half a star. All in all, this requires a massive overhaul.

... Not terrible, but plenty of glitches and errors.
1: Dozens of minor glitches that should have been removed early. As an example: For some reason, quitting the map when i had a tower selected locked the tower stats as the page, instead of showing me gold earned and such.
2: Tower ranges show growth, but the effective range doesn't actually change. Especially problematic as it renders the Range+ tower completely worthless.
3: Needs a pause at the beginning of the map to give the player time to upgrade.
4: Too simple. The entire game is set up with the same waves of enemies thrown at you again and again. I've used the same basic tower spread every map.

Sorry but this needs a lot of work. First off, you can't just have a game that jumps straight into you getting attacked without some tutorial or at least a start button so players have a chance to see what tower does what and the best places to put them. Second, way to glitchy. I was playing a level and it refused to allow me to click on anything, couldn't place towers, couldn't quit, ended p refreshing the page and this time as soon as I went to place a tower the whole field went white and the creeps are bouncing around like a screen saver animation. It has potential and would love to see an improved version in the future

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1 Word : Amazing!!

From all the different tower defense games out there you would think you would have the "staples" in your game. Unless I can't find it, there is no way to sell your towers, you can't speed up the game and at the end of the round it says you get bonus gold, which I thought you could buy skill points or something with it but I can't find that section. The towers are kind of bland and the game (so far) is really easy, just mass aoe towers, or probably any towers for that matter. The big thing I don't like is the aoe of the aoe tower. You can't really tell what it is. if you click on it it shows this humongous circle around it, but it obviously doesn't hit that far. Also when you go to click on a big group of towers you seem to click on the wrong one.

Lots of work and if you can take constructive feedback then you can really amp up your game.

Keep up the good work,


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3.05 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2012
3:34 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense