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You've got 9 lives and 9 minutes to complete 9 levels. Meet your kitty-quota by petting the required amount of cats within the time limit on each stage. Running out of time under quota brings an end to the game. Click a dog and lose a life; losing all 9 lives is also a game-ender. Make it to level 9 and face the big boss cat and try to rack up a high score! Pet That Kitty boasts 50 different cats and dogs and 9 hand-painted backgrounds as well as an original music score to accompany a cacophony of meows, barks, purrs, and howls.



doesnt really seem to be the right kind of flash for this site


While this is a typical "whack-a-mole" game, I understand this is your first time programming. Agreed below that the cat disappear far too quickly to click past level one. Perhaps the game should start out much slower as it slowly progresses towards a faster disappearance rate, along with a possibility of more dog heads appear than cats to throw off the player. Score ranking, maybe the cats' scores, when clicked, can be judged by the rarity of the cat species. For example, a common house cat may be only 10 points, while a Sphinx may be 100. For bonus points, maybe a tiny full bodied cat could run across the screen somewhere for the cursor to try and catch.

I do love the cat images you've used! However, whether or not they come from friends or family, crediting any kind of source for images would be much appreciated! Overall, very cute!

Boring whack-a-mole

Low-quality whack-a-mole with a lot of uncredited copyrighted pictures in it.

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StudioLoupGarou responds:

I had friends and family submit photos of their pets, perhaps a few unscrupulous images slipped in. It's also the first game I've ever programmed, admittedly.

Kittehs Hurtin' Mah Brain

It's amazing how human face recognition kinda works for animals too!

That one wrinkly cat looks like a dog, though.

Could use improvements

Petting cats for 9 minutes is not exactly a fun game. The responsiveness of the controls can use tweaking. The images disappear too quick and the clicking has a momentary lag to it. Some more variety in gameplay can also be better.

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Jan 31, 2012
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