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Contemplate Life

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Jan 31, 2012 | 6:46 AM EST

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Running time - 5 minutes

Majority of the animation was made December 2011 & January 2012
Made in approximately 100 hours

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What the heck am I doing on the front page?!



I don't know how many days I have left.
What makes me think I'll even live another hour?
Why even bother living this life only to lose it all.
Chasing after the f****** wind.

I could live to all the good moral standards of my culture
but I'd die just the same as the people with the worst moral standards.
I think I'd be happier being an immoral person, though I know it's a lie.

My heart reeks corruption.
Following my desires I'd never want to work,
never help people,
unless I get something out of it of corse
and just be a blood sucking leech on everyone around me but worse.
Destroying the very things that sustain me.


I don't want to hurt people
but if I don't, I'll hurt myself.
Either way I'm going to cause destruction and death.
So wouldn't it be better for only one person to die than many.

Sure, they'll be sad, but they will find a way to live without me, right?
What am I thinking! they are no different than me!
Then we should all, just, die.



You speek rightly. You do deserve death
You have thought nothing but the evils of your wicked heart since the day of your creation.
You could never be pleasing to God.

But do you think God didn't know that?
You think God made you just to bring you pain?

Know this, you will always have problems in this life
but hear me correctly when I say this statement.

your corruption is your fault.
your corruption is your fault.
Not because you could chose not to be corrupt,
but because you have not given up on yourself.

You run like a mouse on a wheel trying to get away,
no trying to walk on water,
no trying to fly with your arms.
You try and try and try, to do something you can never do.
but you were never meant to.
you need only to seek the one who gives freely.

I know your impatient,
you could be watching tv or doing something to amuse your mind.

But when you realise the truth, that you have nothing,

Look to God, not yourself.
Because He is our only real foundation in this life.
You will go to hell in your own strength.

Please, realise God's love for you,
despite all your corruption
and may His love, change you



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Probably the deepest video on Newgrounds

Great themes and rhythm of information . Good job mate!

nahtanojmal responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm not a Christian

I am a pagan and even I wouldn't down vote this. This is truly a remarkable piece of work. The Animations were clean and beautiful, the music was good. Not too over bearing, but not so soft tone it can help the message. it helps drive home. The speech was inspiring for those who are suffering right now, and think ending it is the only way. Even if you aren't Christian you can kind of tune out the religous part and think of someone else in that part. Cause there is SOMEONE out there who loves you and will change you for better never lose hope in that. There is someone out there for you who loves and needs you in life so hang in there you are not nothing you are loved. So those down voting for the religious overtones get a grip. Again I am a pagan(Once considered a long time ago the biggest enemy to the Christian and Catholic faith. Probably still is in some places), and the religious over tones never bothered me. I concentrated more on the message it was giving. The message of hope, and finding the light in this dark world we live in, and finding a change for the better. be it from the Christan god, or someone else entirely. I applaud your work my Christian friend. Never let these negative ones get you down. You continue doing what you do and making people happy with your work, and spreading the love of your god in your special way that does not harm others. Keep up the good work.God bless you and Blessed be )0(.

nahtanojmal responds:

Hey, Thank you very much. I appreciate it :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is ALL truth.
Don't end up wanting to kill yourself like that guy did in the begging.

nahtanojmal responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice all-round

Very good animation, its a very nice whole to be honest, and considering the length that is an achievement on itself.

Love the way you bring the message, and the message is clear and clean.
Even if you completely don't agree to the message brought, you have to admit it's a completely gorgeous flash. I think the music fits perfectly, and the sound is very well mixed indeed, even the voice acting is very nicely synced with the music etc. Very good. LIke the melodramatic and slightly semi-depressive atmosphere...

Now the supporting music I'd say is very well chosen, even though it's not completely my style. As is with the animation style. I must say it is stunning to see you have taken a style that doesn't normally have too much potential, and got more out of it than even I thought was possible.

I also like how it kind of ends in an open end, the choice remains yours and I think it's very important that we bring the message as such. I mean let's be honest, forced religion is never true religion.

As a last little thing I'd like to add that I very much like the slight variation of style used in this flash, it really shows the contrast between the crucifiction and his own life, and the abstractness of his own thoughts.

nahtanojmal responds:

why thankyou =)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good points

While i am not very religious, I commend you on your hard work and dedication on this video. You have a very profound message in this, and you might be able to help someone raging at the world, and if you can save one person from making a mistake, then you have made a difference.

nahtanojmal responds:

Hey thanks man