Crash the Robot - 2

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The level pack to "Crash the Robot" physics puzzle game. New 45 levels! New features, new ways of destruction!
Use bombs, bring into operation different mechanisms and you will know how many ways of robot destruction exist!

'P'/'Esc' - PAUSE;

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Frustrating, but easy. I completed the game in about half an hour and topped of with 82850 score.

I'm quite fond of puzzle games. This one is quite fun, and addictive. Well done.


While the game has clean visuals and a (somehow) fitting soundtrack, the game itself is a flawed, inconsistent nightmare.

The game doesn't play like a puzzle game, rather an exercise in following thinly veiled orders. There's no chance of finding your own solutions for the puzzles, because if you try to place a bomb anywhere other than ZE DESIGNATED BOMB PLACEMENT AREA, you'll get a big fat X on your cursor, to tell you that "YOUR OWN IDEAS ARE BAD PUT THE BOMB WHERE WE TELL YOU TO, STUPID".

You've got magnets that will either hold metallic objects forever or release them after a time, whichever is more fitting for the puzzle, but that's the problem. It's inconsistent. The timed magnets are COMPLETELY indistinguishable from the indefinite magnets, but even that doesn't create a hazard for gameplay. It's just the designer saying "I'll just make it do whatever I want it to."

Originally I felt a little bad for mercilessly destroying this robot on stage after stage, but on some stages, HE'LL FUCKING KILL /HIMSELF/! Completely robbing me of any satisfaction in killing the little bastard and raising the thought of "WHY NOT DO THAT IN THE FUCKING FIRST PLACE?" Why hold my hand and make me jump through all these arbitrarily limited hoops just to have the ultimate goal take care of itself?

This game is completely devoid of challenge, consistency, or even entertainment value. It serves merely as an occupation of time, and even now, I've found myself more entertained writing this pointlessly scathing review than playing the game. Just so you know, I left the game open while writing this and the music has now given me a haemorrhage. Cheers!

Not bad but..

It was a decent game but the random element in quite a few levels was extremely annoying.


it was alright, albeit easy, but my main problem was that constantly there were places that could fit a bomb or block but refused to let me place one htere

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3.50 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2012
4:15 AM EST
Puzzles - Other