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On December 3, 2006, as I listened to All Things Considered in my car, the most wonderful song was played; a live version of "Shipwrecked" by the Gothic Archies.

I share it with you now, accompanied by my humble animation.

This version of "Shipwrecked" is not available on any album, it is, however, available to download on the NPR website as part of an interview, I just made an animation to accompany it.

NPR interview here: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?story Id=6493324

Thank you for viewing.

Edit 1: Thanks for a spot on the front page! =]
Edit 2: Daily Feature? Awesome, thanks!


Oddly cute

A great little animation. I'm not going to say I've heard the song before, but after hearing it now I'm definitely going to check it out.

I love the twist in the song, going from this cute little romantic tune to a song about a mental man that'll literally kill to stay with a girl.

Your graphics weren't the best, but I felt they fit fairly well with the track, considering how simple the song itself is. The animations could do with some work, seems like they're mostly tweens so they look fairly unnatural.

Epicly awesomesauce?

Very nice, love the twist, actually made me laugh out loud.

Very nice artstyle, well drawn, animated and sung. The audio itself is already extremely epic, and the animation just makes it genius.

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Brilliantly executed...

...literally. You haven't made many Flashes in your time here, but all of them are noteworthy. Simple and sweet, this work mirrors the music quite nicely. One star off for listening to NPR and not having the woman poke the head with a stick. I mean, what else is there to do on an island anyway? Another great submission in mah faves. 5/5 9/10.

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Glad to see you!!

i thought you had retired, it's been so long.
awesome, sweet little flash. still true to your style, i could tell it was you without reading the label.
i hope this means your getting back on the horse and making some serious flash again!!
i'll visit newgrounds every day if that's the case.

keep up the good work, kraig.
i'm rooting for you!

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Nice twist

I wasn't quite sure where it was going so I really liked the sudden lyrical darkness. xD

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