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Planet Blirp

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Fight off hoardes of aliens in a blue world as you find your crew mates, fix your ship, and return back to earth!

Features a full story, gun upgrades, abilities, achievements, a full story, and also get your crew mates to fight with you! Lots of enemies, guns, and content in this game!

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and the mouse to shoot.


There's something missing ...

This is quite a good game, although i didn't go far enough to get laggy. It's a cool time-waster, anyway.

But i miss something that tells me to go further, if you want to stay on the first board for ever, you can, nothing stops the alien waves to come. Maybe it's made on purpose, but i think forcing people to continue the story might be better (you could stop sending aliens as soon as the mushroom is down, or as soon as Marty is healed, etc ...)

buen trabajo

buen juego pero se hace repetitivo y si justo cuando aparecen los agujeros abran la tienda y cuando la cierren no habra ni agujeros ni aliens XD OH HABLO ESPAƑOL O MAS INGLES XD


It was definitely laggy, and I know that the little "black holes" were designed to reduce lag by clearing out debris, but perhaps you could have made the debris fade away and avoided the whole black whole concept entirely. The way the game was designed, for about three waves the more enemies are killed the slower the game gets, and then it gets much faster all of a sudden. This is not a good design element. Add to this the fact that unclaimed cash bags are sucked up as well, and it's a big annoyance.

The weapon descriptions for the two cheapest weapons (the "Mamba" and the "Plopper") were the exact same, which makes the player rely on the assumption that the more expensive weapon is better than the less expensive one, even though they have the exact same description.

There was a graphical glitch I experienced in which a significant part of the middle of the screen was obscured by grey boxes. Some were small squares, some were rectangles... I think it might have had something to do with me having paused the game, but I'm not sure about that. I only noticed it in the second part of the game when the birds started flying in.

Games like this need a save feature, and this one doesn't have one.... this is a dealbreaker for the game, as if the player dies 5 seconds from beating the game, he is forced to start at the very beginning. Let the player save, or maybe add an autosave when the player changes screens.

Also, is this game actually beatable? I beat the boss, the ship said something like "<HEAD HOME>" over it, but I wasn't able to click on it or press the Down key or anything. I walked from the ship screen to the far end of the map and back a number of times just to see if anything would happen, and nothing ever did... did I have to wait for a certain wave to end, did I have to do something specific? I don't recall the game telling me.

I'll give you a 5, because I enjoyed playing your game, but I was unable to beat it even after I beat the final boss, and the lag and lack of a save feature are big detriments.

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Great Concept

But with some major flaws that tend to kill the experience of the player.
My biggest constructive criticism is the fact that when you start a new game after dying, all of the ability options seem to be already purchased, but without the perks of actually having them active and no way of re-buying them! So you have to go through your next playthrough with no power ups! Not to mention that I can't see a huge difference when buying them anyways...
I've also noticed that there is wayyyy to much lag going on as well as money disappearing from the store menu.
All in all I would say this game is good, and with some tweaks here and there this game has the potential to be great!
I definitely hope to play a sequel of this game from you with some things fixed in the future.

Not bad, but buggy

The animation was fluid, though the lag eventually got pretty bad. A quality setting on the menu would be helpful, as would a pause button. There was a bug where once the boss was beaten, there was no way to actually board the ship- fixing that would be lovely.

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3.69 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2012
4:09 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun