FT: Secrets of Journalism

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Our hero named Nick Hudson is a director of the famous fitness club. Today pretty journalist Elise visited him because she wanted to write a newspaper article! But something went wrong...

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que ricolino

i always love the audio for FT games, but the animation was stale and the art was a little lazy for those reasons, minus a star.

Simple story, and was already given in much other games from these kind by different companies. But okay, for someone, who like that more ... these - how here - more as a "girly" animated women, no mature ladies with big boobs.

Same so also like in Fuck Town - "Banking Secretary" and "Sex Therapy" or "Lucky Winner" too ... and is a nice difference from all these other there usually presenting only from voluptuous bodies.

But, sorry, only my personal opinion, smaller breasts are okay, but - please ^^ - not to little. Unfortunately, they here has Elise.

No, return, have check the game now, the boobs are great. But the rest from here body is to "young" for me. hehehehehehe. ^^

Very fine was the idea with choice parts in a restaurant for a romantic dinner, depend by her - later ... good mood for sex - and naturally depend by your money, what you have just for this all in total.

Here must nobody have really a solution or even a walkthrough to find the best way to pass these act easy. I like to do such things to make sometimes really more than the sex part later. But, your goal is when you can manage it fast, naturally sex ^^ ... however, she turn me off to much. Hardly to describe, what is it exactly !?

Anyhow are here simple, but sometimes important details, what I miss. But, so this game is never become really one of my all - time favorites. I don't think, that everybody have equal thoughts.

Whatever is is, for a sex game, it has enough, story, not to hard and not to simple gameplay, bedroom action, good animations.

And cool is also here some funny answers or comments, you can make. Giving wrong statements. I like it so much, when a game let you laugh or the same time you can get horny.

Because, to play later just for fun one bad boy, the stupid jerk, after you have finish it correct, can always good entertain you.

How I say, for everybody - women, men - who have wish often more normal titts, very good. Here we have a compromise. ^^

3 stars, but no bad advice for these game, big boobs rule. ^^

awesome game like always. I want a copy of the sex scene track it's killer.

So, let's get this right. The guy finds out she's from a different paper from the one she said, and that it's actually a low-grade rag ... and he realises full well she's a highly ambitious young reporter who'll ruthlessly stop at nothing to expose his dirty secrets about sleeping around with all his young female staff, using his power and money ... and HE BEDS HER using his power and money? :lol:

Well, we should really have the story she writes, at the end of the game!

by Our Special Reporter, Lucy Exposall

Fir two sex scenes, the girl looks utterly terrified. In the feeling up scene, even crucified. This is slightly scary, how she's hung up in space and pawed :O

She is v good looking, it's true, but apart from the pre-excitement, it's only the third sex scene that was REALLY enjoyable. Fantastic bod, carefully drawn, right down to her fingers and toes (you don't always get that). Would be nice if she had a LITTLE more detail, like a clitoris (and why doesn't some games writer allow some pubic hair - fantasy is best when it includes the real too.) But maybe asking too much there. But excellent too how she she seems a bit more relaxed, even enjoying the fuck at last. And so the cum is well placed.

It's that last scene which is the heart and soul of this sex game, after the initial excitements. Would be nice if there were some words "after the spurt" ... are they going to date? Is she going to blackmail him? (And will he pay up - and plunge himself into a worse scandal?) Are they gong to shake hands (naked or clothed) and call it quits?

I'd like to see more of this girl - even if the boss has no further need of her, having an endless supply of young female employees, it would seem :D - and of this boss too, for the same reasons!

So, some great features to this game (mainly hers, near the end especially - the food "excitationt v cost" calculations are also a bit of fun), but some more or less serious limits as well. ...