Surface EP 2 (Part 2/ 2)

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We had a great run as an indie Flash animation studio From 2003 to 2006. During that 3 year span we completed nearly 30 Flash episodes, putting out an animation almost every month, and we also had the pleasure of working with some of the best voice talents across the web. After our first series, XIN was completed, Surface was planned to be our follow-up, but unfortunately life caught up with us, and our animation team was disbanded. This episode was completed in 2007, and despite our best efforts, continuing the series is a bit difficult for us at this point. We hope you enjoy the final completed episode of the series. We'd definitely like to comeback someday and continue it. Until then, thank you for all the memories Newgrounds!



I am astonished by your amazing work i have just discovered this naimation series and i was impressed from the start please if you can make another to continue his epic piece we will not be able to bare the thought of being left hanging at its a timer if you do one thin in memory of all us at newgrounds continue your work

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It's depressing as shit to see you guys are too busy now, but I know what that's like.

You created an incredible series, and this was going to be a promising second. As far as independent flash artists of your calibre, you produced incredible shit. Amazing job for what you have done. Definitely top tier NG artists.

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The music perfectly fits the storyline, gave me an adrenaline rush at the end there. Really great, I'd love to see the new installments coming up!


The animation is very nice

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Great work once again :)

Another very good episode. Too bad it seems like we shall not have another or at least it will be a while. I do hope there are more even if it takes another 3 years. I loved the Xin series and this was another one I was hoping on getting attached to. I do hope you are able to continue they are all very good.

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4.23 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2012
3:44 PM EST