Surface EP 2 (Part 2/ 2)

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We had a great run as an indie Flash animation studio From 2003 to 2006. During that 3 year span we completed nearly 30 Flash episodes, putting out an animation almost every month, and we also had the pleasure of working with some of the best voice talents across the web. After our first series, XIN was completed, Surface was planned to be our follow-up, but unfortunately life caught up with us, and our animation team was disbanded. This episode was completed in 2007, and despite our best efforts, continuing the series is a bit difficult for us at this point. We hope you enjoy the final completed episode of the series. We'd definitely like to comeback someday and continue it. Until then, thank you for all the memories Newgrounds!


Both episodes are slow and a little boring. The idea starts to get pretty good and then dead ends. The voice acting is actually not bad. My biggest hang up in all this is the absents of eyes during the course of the "series". First they didn't have any, then that kid gets one eye, and finally, people have them and start losing eyes. ???

In conclusion: Artwork:3 Sound:1 Story:2 Voices:3 Weird lose of eyeballs:Draw glasses


For years later.
still a piece of shit

get better at animating.
I hope to God you're not working on this type of shit for your career

I don't meen to be a hard ass but I wonder if the next one will be good... I cant wait

see you in a few years

Damn... had potential too.

Started to play, always liked your stuff, but then got about 10 seconds in and the like first voice that came on, bleh, you sold out... so I stopped it, cause I won't sit through anything having to hear that douche-wad, next time try using some dif talent, someone with talent, and it may be worth sitting through.

why am I the only one to think this is boring ? I mean,
the almost only speak,
the art is not fantastic,
and they almost ALL have the same voice (girl/girl and boy/boy)
sorry but you need to work harder in that

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4.23 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2012
3:44 PM EST