Surface EP 2 (Part 2/ 2)

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We had a great run as an indie Flash animation studio From 2003 to 2006. During that 3 year span we completed nearly 30 Flash episodes, putting out an animation almost every month, and we also had the pleasure of working with some of the best voice talents across the web. After our first series, XIN was completed, Surface was planned to be our follow-up, but unfortunately life caught up with us, and our animation team was disbanded. This episode was completed in 2007, and despite our best efforts, continuing the series is a bit difficult for us at this point. We hope you enjoy the final completed episode of the series. We'd definitely like to comeback someday and continue it. Until then, thank you for all the memories Newgrounds!



Great voices and art style! The story sorta reminds me of Gantz :)


love sci-fi, stange and cool story to bad it wont continue (this was the only episode i saw and im sucked into it) Althought for all we know this could have purposly been the last episode and its one of those series where the ending is unclear like in some books/movies

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Well written

So... you guys come out 3 years at a time per episode, then finally say that you can't finish...? Just when it gets interesting?! Story of my life... weeeee...

At least it was fun while it lasted I suppose. Plus, I completely understand life getting in the way.

its a wat? timer? tile? dial?

i always wished that when people act they dont have to act like they're trynig to act but have a normal conversation like any other person in the room.

Other than that this voice acting is pretty good by the standards people have today, if there are any. Looking forward to ep 3 and

: more improvements in acting
: more improvement in animation

Aweseomeness that I can already see. A wise guy, two chicks, thot the blonde would have a more ...i dunno, south or deeper voice cuz of the way she dresses compared to the other. i thot the quiet asian guy was alright. the 'jerk' seems to have a generic or familiar character design and i felt like ive seen this type of setting and script somewhere else before.

its okay

when your writing is cliche and your characters are all the pretentious "stare at an off angle that implies dramatic clause character", you dont have much groundwork to end a story with.

not to mention that 1 tween of a decent anime drawing and a white looping graphic for talking isn't very... professional in the least. it shows you were lazy with the actual product.

as for the art, its just basic, mildly-sloppy anime characters that all react how they would in any other stock late 90's anime. the voice acting is okay, but its definitely not perfect, although i don't expect it to be.

not a wonderful piece, but its at least something. it at least tries to have a coherent story thats somewhat engaging. my final thoughts? well... if you like to browse anime just to watch the same tired cliches over and over because you think its "cute" or "brooding", then you'll probably fall in love with this. i give it a modest recommendation just for the voice acting.

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Jan 29, 2012
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