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Bucket and Flea

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Author Comments

Bucket was just enjoying his cigarette. That was until he met Flea, who also enjoys cigarettes.

EDIT: I am deeply humbled. Thanks for the fifth place ya'll!

This is the first animation I have ever done and I thought it would be NG worthy. I did a couple of tutorials on how to animate including the bouncing ball and a basic walk cycle and I decided to make a little short involving the two techniques.

I also wanted to do something original instead of a parody. For the time being at least cos I would love to do one at some point.

Anyways enjoy the 'toon and let me know what you think.

Awra best


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Congrats. For a first its defo a 5.

For just learning the basics it's a massive success.

Even though I can agree with the previous comments I don't think perfect frame rate or insanely clever and masterful story is covered in lesson one.
Have fun with lesson two and I'll be back to check out your next creation.

Have fun!

Not bad...

for a first submittion. But there are a few things you could do better, in my opinion.

1. Make full use of your characters. You called this flash "Bucket and Flea" but the character who I am assuming is Bucket, really doesn't do much. Give him some lines, or, if you intended to keep him silent, make him a little more "animated" as a character (ironic? (^_^) )

2. Work on your sound. Your sound was solid, if not a little repetitive, don't be afraid to experiment with cool sounds. Keeping everything diverse is a good way to keep people interested.

Otherwise, great job on getting front page with a first submit! That is pretty impressive, I'm sure we'll all be looking forward to your next one.

ya ok

It could be better i think

StomachBug responds:

sweet.... how?

Needs some work

Putting in the extra time to increase the frame rate might be tedious work, but its well worth it. Good flash though, hope to see more from you in the future.

work on sound

definitely grats on top of the daily but this isn't very good when it comes to sound, or the frames per second while movement is active