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Sleepy Eyed Joe

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Amazed by the possibilities of flash two years ago, my 15 yr old self set out on a journey to create the most obscene and chaotic flash game ever! Unfortunatly my aims were far to high, and my expectations exceeded my programing abilities, and i gave up within the first few days. However after rumeging through my long lost junk drive, i wish to revive what could have been Sleepy eyed joe and the notorious bandits!

Like anyone would figure out after playing the first 10 secs of this game, its clearly not finished. And most likely it will never be due to complications. If anything take it as an interactive drawing, because that's what I intended it to be when i uploaded it.

To my amazement this actually made it unblammed! I really posted it for the lolz, but it turned out having a higher rating than my first game :D.

gt;>INSTRUCTION<&lt ;<<<<
you can switch characters with left and right keys
and press shift to reload



I really think you should revive the project. Though it obviously needs work it also, as others have said, potentially holds great promise. The forward movement animation for sleepy joe (i.e. moving to the right while facing right), the shooting, the tracking, and the character and background styling are all a great start. I would love to see what you come up with to finish this. That being said I wouldn't have made a review unless I also had some suggestions.

1. Consider shrinking the player down some (give a wider angle of view), although being this close in may show off the cool character design it also feels really cramped.

2. Obviously add some more movement animation. I think for the character style and the sketched world the movement you have works well, just carrying that over to the other movements (possibly add ducking and jumping too) and the other player should work great.

3. I think perhaps 'experimental' would be a more appropriate genera than spam.

I kind of get the feeling you had a plot laid out in your head for the game, and I am intrigued to find out what that is. Even if you still do not feel you have the skills you need to finish the game, I would suggest perhaps looking to work with someone who has some more experience and finish this. I think that it could end up to be something really cool.

I am going to give this 3/5 and 8/10, for what it could be, and hopefully someday will be. Keep trying.

Looks Nice

It looks promising Now finish it!! :) I wanna play it

Um ok

Ya it's ok I mean I say this to alot of poeple but I Have too say I mean you tryed so well done!


At least he can moonwalk. Too bad... Id love to play your game. :"D

very promising

this looks like it could be a major time-sink, finish it, make it squeaky-clean and spotless and you're looking at front page and a beloved series

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2.57 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2012
7:23 AM EST