Dress To Thrill - Rio

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NEW for 2012!! - Dress To Thrill - Rio 2.0 - Public Beta
See Rio's upcoming wardrobe for HIGH TAIL HALL! Mix, match, make it sexy!

Have fun!
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-The fox woman is very attractive and the various outfits generally look good on her. Dat ass doe.
-In general, graphics are very good. The menu isn't as intuitive as it could be, but it's simple and usable.

-Get Rio to have tail-reduction surgery or something; her tail gets in the way of admiring her ass.

-The game could use some easter eggs. It's fun to dress her up for a few minutes, but (as far as I know) there's no more interactivity beyond that. It might be interesting to (for example) have her change expression when you click on her private parts, or unlock items to use on her with different outfits.
Of course, it's possible that there ARE easter eggs and I just haven't noticed them, in which case I'll shut up.

Overall, I think it's a delicious little game, but not expansive enough to warrant 4 stars.

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If I could I would give you 10 stars dude .

You should make more games like these, they're awesome sauce <3

How about instead of just bashing the guy, you just simply point out the flaws, and give your ideas for how to fix them (even tho i doubt he would care because you are just one person that dosen't matter and probably has no idea what they are talking about), but no, you just say things like " I don't care how, but it needs to be fixed", that's not helpful, i mean that's an easy fix, just have the girl holding her tail, but no, you cant make that little brain of yours work at anything but trolling.

Good job Crowchild, i love this game, i keep comeing back because i love it so much, i cant wait for you to release the hole thing, i know it will be great!

love it exellent work

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3.93 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2012
6:03 AM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up