Curse Village Survival

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Use the [1 .. 6] numeric keys to select a weapon. Mouse-click to use the selected weapon.

- Use the [1 .. 6] hotkeys to quickly change between weapons.
- Kill multiple zombies at once with the verticle melee weapons (axe, light-saber), handy when they crowd before the barricades!
- Range weapons are best used against small zombies, large zombies can be easily killed by melee weapons.
- Use the laser gun only in critical conditions.

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Why? WHY?

This just seems to upset me. In fact, I feel the need to hold my head while asking why. This simply feels like the second one, but this time you get everything. All the weapons, all the survivors, traps set for you, and barricades. It even holds the title 'survival' when t isn't anything close to one.

A survival game is pretty much what the first one was. The second one can be considered one, but I won't openly say it. This one? No! Just...No! I'm now afraid to go to the fourth one or even finish this one. However, I feel the need to give a chance and go for the fourth one...Though I'm not putting myself through another hour of finishing this.

Complete ripoff of the first two games.
Nothing special. Same clones, weapons, and survivors

Well done. Now you've ruined the entire franchise.

At first it was decent, but then it got really glitchy at level 8, where I couldn't explode or shoot at the zombies. It's almost as if all the sequels to the original Curse Village have been worse than the last.

zombies lag out making them unkillable,unoriginal-just a rehatch of a rehatch.

Man I can't believe that you've resubmited this again