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Control a red plasma ball using the mouse and avoid all blue shapes as you fly through a strange place known as "Shapespace", the blue shapes come in all sizes and shapes and you only have limited maneuverability and the power to slow time down substantially with a click of the mouse, you only have a limited amount of this power so use it carefully. See how far away you can get in Shapespace.

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Not bad

Not ad of a game. Music is good and fitting. Gameplay is good. And you acvhieved somethings that some collision games lack and its the hit detection. You got the hit detection down to the last pixel, which makes this game great. Some better response times for the ball is good, but I guess it adds to the difficulty. Good job.


The ball doesn't follow the mouse. It does a little with the whole time slow thing. But other than that the movement change is undetectable and clunky.

Not a bad game, but you lost points.

But you need to use different gradient colors with the enemy shapes and the background. Use dark blue and light blue (or some other color) for the enemies. If you use black in the gradient and black for the background, you end up having hidden edges on the enemies. Several times, I ran into an enemy that wasn't there because the edge matched in with the background, but the computer still registered it as an enemy edge.

I also docked you points for the ads. There are too many. I understand one at the loading screen. But I got one when I checked the high scores before I even played. Then I got another after submitting my score, and every time I checked the scores. That's too many. After playing for several times, it's possible to have viewed 10 ads, and at 15 seconds each, that's 2 1/2 minutes of waiting. This was a problem with Countermeasures also, but I didn't review that one.

Ads help you out, but if you add too many, it hurts you because no one enjoys the game.

Really nice job.

I can't believe how addicting this game is. Just one thing I thought could be better. I would rather prefer a slow down time bar that lasts a certain amount of time and recharges when it isn't in use. Or maybe you could have power ups or something you can pick up in the game to refill the slow down time bar.

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3.00 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2012
6:21 PM EST
Skill - Avoid