Mission in Space

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Challenge I 25 Points

Get a gold medal on mission 5 with 0 skill points invested

Challenge II 25 Points

Get a gold medal on mission 7 with only 2 skill points invested or less

Challenge III 25 Points

Get a gold medal on mission 10 with only 10 skill points invested or less

Challenge IV 25 Points

Get a diamond medal on mission 4 with only 20 skill points invested or less

Challenge V 50 Points

Get a diamond medal on mission 8 with only 25 skill points invested or less

Savior of the colony 50 Points

Finish mission 12 to get this medal !

Challenge VI 100 Points

Get a diamond medal on mission 12 with only 30 skill points invested or less

Legion of Merit 100 Points

Get 12 gold medals

Medal of Honor 100 Points

Get 12 diamond medals

Author Comments

Mission in Space : the lost colony is a turn based tactical game in which you control up to 6 troopers and deliver a colony from an alien threat.

There's 12 different missions with various objectives, 40 upgrades, 18 badges, 2 difficulty settings.

HOW TO UNLOCK THE HARD MODE : complete mission 12.

All the missions can be won in gold the first time without the premium skills. Check out the video walkthroughs in the help menu to see how it's done !

We hope you'll enjoy the game !


Had fun for awhile but got bored about 15 minutes in.

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A good game,but I need to sum up some of my thoughts.Well my English might make no sense,please bear with me as my English is my fourth language.

The game mechanics is generally well done,the AP and MP,the ammo system,the alert state and the spawning of the alien creatures.However,I still hope see more diversified game mechanics if you create a sequel of this game.

Like the reviewer below me said,you created a game at the later stages,which there are only one way to get the best solution,the method that suit your playstyle the most.Other methods will simply will not work too well,either suffer extreme consequences or lower completion(copper medal etc.)

And another point,the capabilities of the troopers,which I like it because you diversify it,not just some clone troopers which look all the same and act like minions,have no unique abilities at all:

However,some of the skills are utterly useless,like Woods' abilities.I noticed that in playthrough of yours,almost every match you didn't even spend a point in his tech tree.That is understandable,as I can see his skill are quite useless...in most situation.Blake's done his role as a support medic,this I am satisfied but in sometimes you only need the Shield Program to pass through acid puddle,which most of his skill are also useless. And Taylor,her shotgun are not actually that useful,she can use the shotgun when the aliens are on adjacent tiles,although the shotgun will hit the aliens behind the targeted alien.Taylor are only useful for speedrun in my opinion.Pierce's abilities are also situational,but he is more useful than Woods for the abilities to get through the sticky situation like using Magnetic Bombs.Obviously,due to this game constantly alien spamming like there's no tomorrow,Farro's abilities to be on alert state for 3 MP,and 5 ammunition per hit makes him the invincible in this game.

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A nice game with a decent art style could be slightly improved,Overall a nice game

For starters, you created a game system which I absolutely adore, and you almost got my full five from me. However, you then took it and made into a game specifically for you.

I'll start with what I did like. The ratios of MP and AP provided a very satisfying gameplay mechanic, but still limited you enough to make it a challenge. I liked how weapons were based on actual clip systems, you weren't controlling a buch of miniguns with infinite bullets. However, this also becomes a negative. I'll talk about that later. Another noteworthy component was the fact that each soldier got their own specific skill trees to level up in. This makes it so that you're not controlling a bunch of clones, each soldier had their own abilities that made them different. Again, this also makes for a point that is lacking. What I mainly loved was the fact that it was a turn based game. You can actually spend a few minutes deciding what you think the best course of action is. Real time strategy games should be saved for tower defense games. I liked the aliens, how they acted, and that little bit of variety makes you change up your gameplan at some points.

And now the part I'm sure you're dreading. At its core, this game is turn based strategy mixed with level based characterists. Normally, this would imply you have multiple ways to level up your team and there are different ways to tackle each mission. This is simply not the case here. You have designed you levels in such a way that there is only one way to complete the objective with points that actually get you rewards. At the moment, I am stuck on level 11. I have tried it multiple ways, splitting into two teams with different combinations, going in with different class set ups but they all failed. Having everyone stick together would probably work, but it would take a very long period of time, both in game and out. My main problem with the level is that you never have enough ammo. One group or the other would run out of ammo by the third or fourth switch and then I'd just get completely raped. And I hate the Leutenant. Because you need him to survive above all else and the fact that he's completely unaffected by Wood's shouts or Blake's nanomachines makes him to be more of an inconvenience, dead wieght to be carried around. I did eventually watch the walkthrough, and quite frankly I hate whoever played that run. They use a strategy that takes a coplmete left turn from what you learn earlier on in the game.

And the character skills themselves were unbalanced. Because he fires five shots instead of ten, Farro immediately becomes the most powerful character you have, and Sentinel just makes him all the more powerful. (Two reduction to MP when on alert state seems a little much) Farro didn't need the flamethrower. You should have given that to someone else and made his accuracy skills more worthwhile. Taylor seems fine to me, and Blake can help enough that he doesn't need more killing weapons. But Peirce and Woods are very subpar in battle. Wood's shouts don't offer as much help as you might think, and Pierce's bombs are extremely situational. And no, I don't plant the bomb down then immediately detinate so that I can get a single alian around the corner. These two are the most useless and really need something to beef em up in dealing with individual aliens.

And that is my rant. Unless I see some serious changes made, I don't think I'll want to be playing this anymore. Again, you could have had a really great game with lots of replayability, but you made it very one dimensional, and those of us who like different ways of dealing with situations have been put off.

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Benn having a great time playing this game. The economy of the MP and AP are almost perfect. But because they're not, makes this a challenging game. And the different perks each character has balances out imbalances. and yet, having to divide them up makes for life or death decision making.

I encounter one major bug: The game froze on the elevator (four activation panel) mission. It froze such that i had to skip my turn (wasn't allowed to move my guys, or reload, and as a result i lost farro and the whole mission went to hell).

The explosive Xenos on that level are unrelenting! on alert status most guys can only move two squares at a time and ammo is barely available. Gotta admit. I'm leaning towards "almost too much."

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4.22 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2012
4:43 PM EST
Strategy - Other