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Mission in Space

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Challenge I 25 Points

Get a gold medal on mission 5 with 0 skill points invested

Challenge II 25 Points

Get a gold medal on mission 7 with only 2 skill points invested or less

Challenge III 25 Points

Get a gold medal on mission 10 with only 10 skill points invested or less

Challenge IV 25 Points

Get a diamond medal on mission 4 with only 20 skill points invested or less

Challenge V 50 Points

Get a diamond medal on mission 8 with only 25 skill points invested or less

Savior of the colony 50 Points

Finish mission 12 to get this medal !

Challenge VI 100 Points

Get a diamond medal on mission 12 with only 30 skill points invested or less

Legion of Merit 100 Points

Get 12 gold medals

Medal of Honor 100 Points

Get 12 diamond medals

Author Comments

Mission in Space : the lost colony is a turn based tactical game in which you control up to 6 troopers and deliver a colony from an alien threat.

There's 12 different missions with various objectives, 40 upgrades, 18 badges, 2 difficulty settings.

HOW TO UNLOCK THE HARD MODE : complete mission 12.

All the missions can be won in gold the first time without the premium skills. Check out the video walkthroughs in the help menu to see how it's done !

We hope you'll enjoy the game !



I have enjoyed playing this game and I especially love the concept of the game. It didn't to take to long to load so I was happy about that too and I like how there are medals so you know what you should do and you can set goals for yourself. AMAZING!


Ah, the good old turn-based tactical games...feels good to play one of these once in a while. Anyway, you've done a pretty good job here. The art was alright and the gameplay was smooth. All the songs are just amazing, they meld perfectly with the game's atmosphere. Any chance of uploading them to the audio portal?

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Nice game, made me think a lot on what to do and when. Really refreshed my memory of turn-based tactical games.

The game is well thought out. Graphics are clean, vivid colors and also the theme is pretty present. The text could use some work though (either imo is not okay or it doesn't just fit in). A few tweaks here and there, especially on the skill upgrade system.

All in all, it's a good game. This really has potential.

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if you press reset when you have more than 11 skill points you lose skill points

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StormAlligator responds:

Sorry you encountered this bug, we can't reproduce it.
Was it the first time you played the game when it happened or did you play from a saved game ?
And do you remember the version number ? (bottom left of the title screen). The last version is 1.36v.

Great game but has an annoying bug

The game is very reminiscent of the old X-COM games (simplified considerably of course). The mechanics of combat are pretty solid and the animation was more than acceptable for this type of gaming. My only complaint about the mechanics is that you have no control over who the soldiers fire at when at alert. For example, one of my soldiers wasted all of his ammo on aliens well out of range allowing ones much closer to move in to strike because the game made them move last. Perhaps you could code in an ability for you to choose the maximum range to fire at.

Nasty "bug": When I reset my stats it lowered the max amount by 4 or 5 points! I couldn't re-buy the same abilities. Either it doesn't recount the badges which give you SP or you lowered the amount of SP gained when you updated (LVL 9 with only 7/7, I was getting +2 stat points per level).

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4.22 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2012
4:43 PM EST
Strategy - Other