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Fritt the (C) Ferret

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Agressive copyright laws explained through ferrets and explosions



With these BS anti freedom... i mean piracy laws! Great work! Kewdos!

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This is indubitably a great work of art :)

The most apparent quality that this video brings to the table is the aggressive comedy that it displays so artfully. But behind the comic appearance, a larger, greater, message lies within, and I think everyone can take from it something to better their understanding of censorship and its inevitable outcomes. Obviously there won't be a grim ferret burning things down (hopefully) but the manifestation of the ferret will be there nonetheless, in the form of a government entity taking advantage of its power. This is a great animation and I think it is worthy of whatever amount of praise it is receiving.

Stay Gold,

great images

I kind of wanted it to keep going on for an extra minute just to see more of your unique representations of violence.

Better than it seems

I was afraid it was going to be hard to understand what was being said, but I understood it. The censored jokes at the beginning were pretty funny. It's scary how the ferret has a male voice while having four breasts. It's actually nice to see a representation of an animal like that. It reminds me of this controversy I heard about Disney characters being depicted on a Day care center. They were simply painted over.

I guess more websites about the evil of SOPA should be made instead of Disney. I love how amazingly surreal everything you make is. There's a great sense that you're trying to be unique and you succeed. I think the funniest bit was probably when you mentioned that if the ferret was drawn on a baby, the baby would be destroyed. Goofy explosive effects are usually funny.

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If you go over the top, swing for the fences.

This was so insane that it was perfect for what it was. It stops being about SOPA after a while, and just goes bat-shit nuts rather than beat the original point into the ground. Also, it was wisely short, and you didn't bother trying to make us love the ferret character. While it wasn't particularly ambitious, it gets its point across, is hilarious, and leaves before it wears out anyone's welcome. Fucking aces, dude.

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3.90 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2012
1:55 PM EST
Comedy - Original