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Cosmic Landfill 10 Points

Fly to the cosmic garbage

First Steps 10 Points

Fly to the balloon

Go to Party 10 Points

Fly to the UFO

Goodbye, Shuttlle 10 Points

49 Day Ago

Hello, Armstrong 10 Points

Fly to the Moon

King of the Sky 10 Points

Hit 5 crows

No Holiday Today 10 Points

Hit 5 balloons

Souvenirs from USSR 10 Points

Hit 5 satellites

Supersonic 10 Points

Use 5 accelerators during one flight

Thrifty 10 Points

Collect 5 jerrycans during one flight

Up in the Sky 10 Points

Fly to the helicopter

Author Comments

Why people that were kidnapped by aliens do not remember anything? Is it because aliens throw crazy parties? What should an alien do if he was forgotten on Earth in the full swing of the party? Help the alien return to the alien party using all the means possible in order to overcome the Earth's attraction

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This game had potential in the beginning, but there are several problems with this game that prevents it from being great.

One of course is you have no control in which direction your character goes in and that's an major issue. Most of the time he'll be bouncing back and forth on the screen - not allowing you to go up higher. Seems like even if you max out most of your stats, the highest you can go is just past the helicopter.

Another problem is the pop-up window for language selection would get in the way while playing. Find this rather annoying.

Too grindy. No skill involved - Just start, use all boosts ASAP to try and collect money, fall down, buy upgrades available, rinse and repeat.

3 hours of pure grind if you want to complete this one out (or at least a good 2 and a half).

No skill involved just pure 100% handicapped at the beginning until you grind out tons of stuff to buy upgrades and repeat. A lot. A very boring and overdone formula. Play this only if you're after the medals.

Skill required: None
Grind required: Lots
Luck required: A good amount

It's nice, but too unbalanced. Progress in both distance and money income stagnate after a while; upgrades seem to become less rather than more effective, which is the wrong way around. This makes me think that the luck factor even outweighs all upgrades and strategic choices you make in that respect. Of course, luck is always a factor in games like these, but there should be a balance.

The magnet upgrade is a double-edged sword by the way: the more you pick up on the way up, the less you pick up on the way down. Sometimes you fall back from way out in space and you hardly scrounge 50 bucks together.

I can also see why people feel the way down is too long. What made it relatively bearable for me is hoping to catch a pile of money and perhaps some gas. But it's long. Yes.

I also agree with the suggestions made by EowynArwen.

Good times! That's all I really have to say..

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2012
8:31 AM EST
Action - Other