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Age of Giant

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Protect your castle from the the ruthless giants! They are relentless and very dangerous!

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Okay game. It's been done but it doesn't matter. The only problem was that I couldn't change the background. It would be better if you fixed it so the shop menu didn't have too many glitches

Oh look

It's the same game that's already been posted at least 3 times already. What do you expect me to say? You changed the monster graphics, but everything else was the exact same. I don't know what's wrong with you, but just cut it out. Just looking at your game list, you have 9 other "Age of" games. 10 games, and most of them are the same as the rest. Out of those 10 games, you really only have 3. You have the first one, which was really good. This one, where you're a man in green tights throwing rocks at things (at least 3 versions) and the one where you spam monster summons in an attempt to beat a cheating computer.

This is not acceptiable, it's just stupid. This is getting to Strawberry clock level of spammage. If you want to make a new game make a NEW GAME! NEW! Come on! I don't know or care if you're doing this yourself or whether you're just taking a whole bunch of half developed games and posting them here under your name, but CUT IT OUT! No more! This is crap, total crap.

Why all the negativity

I honestly thought this was a good game. Not my type of game but not bad. I also liked the fact that waterflames music was used :).

Quantity does not equal quality

If you like the games made by Belugerin and have short term memory loss, than this is the game for you. For other people, this game will be much more of the same, of the same, of the same...

The author must have thought: "Quantity = Quality, therefor I must produce game after game, most of them the same"

Sadly, Belugerin does not hear the hordes of people who liked some of his earlier games and their wishes for some variation and originality.

Maybe next time?

Maybe spend some time on coming up with something useful to submit?
We will very soon find out.

Once again

whatever new innovation he has done for this series is unnoticed. I think this is the third or so (could be far more knowing this user) game like this that has been submitted by blugerin. But at least it's not another Myth Wars or something like them.

I wish he'd refrain from submitting games if they're the same as previous incarnations.