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Just when you thought you completed the level, it's going to happen all over again... master 30 new permutations of a brand new level from the minds of Tasselfoot and the programming claws of Jmtb02! Now featuring artwork from Jimp, the game is a brand new challenge... do you have what it takes to complete the level? Switch the switch! Poop some pastries! And think outside the box... you'll need it to survive!

Programming by jmtb02
Design by Tasselfoot
Art by Jimp
Produced by Armor Games

Arrow keys to move, to start

Hi Newgrounds!


Stage 16... Pure SORCERY!

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Back when I had a PC, this game worked just fine (along with the other 2 and the Achievement Unlocked games) but I've noticed a control glitch on the NG port, the first level I got stuck in the left direction and the elephant wouldn't stop jumping.

Mac users are recommended to play these games on the ArmorGames website.

Walkthrough to TITOL 3. (if you want to complete this game on your own, look away now!)

Stage 1: Listen to the tutorial. Easy.
Stage 2: Flip the switch ONLY to the middle position.
Stage 3: Do this stage underwater.
Stage 4: Take the switch handle and shoot down the gate by left clicking.
Stage 5: Go to the door next to the gate. Fart a pastry out by pressing the space bar. Fart a pastry into the door so it comes out of the other door and should flip the switch.
Stage 6: Go to the gate and type in the word "FRIEND". For the Easter egg, type in the word "MELLON".
Stage 7: Right click on the game screen and click the option "OPEN GATE".
Stage 8: Go into any doors that are on the left side of the game screen. You should turn into a ghost. Flip the switch. Go into any of the doors that are on the right side of the game screen to turn back into an elephant.
Stage 9: RAAAAAAVE!! Watch out for the lasers that are coming from the ceiling!
Stage 10: Flip the switch. Too fat to fit through the gate? Lose that fat and fart out pastries until you can fit.
Stage 11: Flip the switch back and forth until the gate is open.
Stage 12: Use the plus sign on your keyboard to open the gate. The subtraction sign is used to close the gate.
Stage 13: Use your mouse and use the elephant to shoot him around.
Stage 14: Using the letters that are scattered around the stage, Spell the word "BLUE".
Stage 15: Left click to change your elephant colour. When white dots appear, turn blue. When black (not racist) dots appear, turn red.
Stage 16: Duplicate this game window. the duplicated game window should come up with a switch. This switch opens the gate in the original window. Click on the switch to open the gate.
Stage 17: DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. Except for the switch and the doors.
Stage 18: Flip the switch and go into the pipe. Sounds easy enough. Except when you have to do that 5 times.
Stage 19: The pastries you fart out act like bombs. Fart out a bomb just above the pipe and the gate.
Stage 20: Type in the word "SWITCH". Then type in the word "PIPE".
Stage 21: Look before doing! The gate is already open.
Stage 22: Flip the switch and continue. You got caged? Escape by mashing those left and right arrow keys.
Stage 23: There is a invisible wall just to the left of the switch. But there is a tiny gap you can fit through at the top of the invisible wall. Go next to the wall and keep jumping Until you passed the wall.
Stage 24: Use one of the doors that are on the left side of the game screen to go to the door that is above the pipe and gate. Use the door that is next to the gate to open the gate.
Stage 25: Type in the first 9 digits of the value of Pi to open the gate. The digits are, "3.14159265".
Stage 26: Complete this stage using a velociraptor as your character. But he is super fast, so watch out for the spikes.
Stage 27: Exit to the menu. Click on scores. On the top right of the leaderboard screen, There is a game of Snake. Control the snake using the arrow keys. Get the white dots atleast 5 or 3 times. When you hear the sound and see a trophy on the Snake screen, Go back into the game and the gate should be open.
Stage 28: Flip the switch and then drag the door that is next to the gate RIGHT next to the gate. (Put it very close, but not that close so like this.)

D = Door
G = Gate
P = Pipe


Then go into the door that is to the left of the switch and below the DOWNWARD spikes.

Stage 29: Remember "A-MAZE-ING" from TITOL 1? (or is it 2?)
Stage 30: Repeat Stage 5!

I hope this walkthrough was a great help!

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For stage 6, I said mellon(the Elvish word for friend). This game is awesome

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Jan 26, 2012
7:40 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop
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