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Laughing Robots!!!

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Full title: A Roomful of Robots Laughing at You.

Finally - the unrepentantly pointless fruits of solid MINUTES of work. Straight from my nightmares to yours, I give you this poop. Featuring a cast of colorful characters and a riveting plot, A Roomful of Robots... is sure to provide seconds, perhaps even TENS of seconds, of neverending fun!!!

All sounds recorded using a Korg MicroKorg XL plugged directly into the computer, then hastily and enthusiastically (not unlike a bull in heat) mixed in Audacity.

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For what it was meant to be, it is awesome. That shit had me bustin up.


i like the robots and their laughing. i also like how you made every single one of those robots. keep up the nice work.

Robots...robots everywhere...

This was actually very cool. Not only cool but...technically enjoyable...lol.

Not Good

The robots were drawn well, and I'll give you that. However, the rest of it needs improvement.

The animations looked awkward for all of the characters. They all looked like bobbleheads. The laughing sounds when you zoom in on each individual robot are really loud and need to be toned down a lot.

Also, there's no reason as to why the robots are laughing; they just are. A plot here would be nice.

Sumarongi responds:

Hello, UniversalEdge. Thank you for your review.

First off, I am an alumnus of Ulanbaatar's University of Robot Animation, and can confidently say that I am somewhat of an authority on the subject of robot movement. Perhaps judging my work by the standards of human animation it might seem a bit awkward. Fine. But pray tell me, where in all of Mongolia's fair steppes could I find a University of Human Animation? The idea is laughable. I would have to journey all the way to Kazakhstan to find such a place.

As for the sound, I somewhat agree with you. However, as clearly stated in the author comments above, the sounds you hear in this video are the results of a months-long collaboration with famous producer (and personal friend) Rick Rubin, and during the creation process we had this very same discussion. He claimed that having the laughs at the volume at which they can be heard in the published video would command attention and give a greater emotional impact. I trusted his judgment.

As for the plot - obviously, OBVIOUSLY it's about a gang of bobblehead robots who've had their voices stolen by an evil robot wizard. They've reclaimed them and are now celebrating by laughing far too loudly. How could you miss that?

Love, Sumarongi <333