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This week, we discuss the many different types of Crystals! There are so many shapes and forms and types of crystals, it would be foolish to NOT discuss them! So here we are, and here we go! Enjoy!

Spirit Science Guide to Crystals! - http://www.mediafire.com/


Written by Jordan Duchnycz


Love is in the Earth

The Crystal Bible
Judy Hall

Awesome Crystal Property Sites



(I posted this on a different episode. Wrong place to post this, kind of.) So. Lumpin'. Awesome. Although this video shows natural crystals, in previous episodes, you showed that the merkaba was also pretty important. I have a crystal ( I think) merkaba necklace my dad found unattached on the ground. What does it MEAN? Keep in mind it was probably shaped by a crystal shpaing dude.

still i am amazed! thx <(^u^)>

Star Shaped Crystal

For some reason, when you were mentioning the merkaba shaped crystals a memory flashed into my head. My late grandmother I now remember always had a naturally shaped crystal hanging around her neck. She was one of the most generous and loving people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I would always ask her how she had the strength and will to carry on with everything she does for the community. She simply replied nearly every time that she didn't know why she did it, she just felt it was right.

Nearly all of my memories of her relate to the stories you have told in the shorter episodes of the patch parables. One of her favorite things to tell people when they asked her about why things are the way they are is "It just is."

Regardless, I hope you find this little comment enjoyable and hope that you continue doing what you are doing, because well... it's enjoyable to a lot of us and we thank you for it. :)

Great :P

I was following ss since the first episodes, but this is my first review. So I want to thank you for all these new types of understanding you brought into my life :)
Pretty much people seem to have forgotten what you've told us about not to take anything you say as a fact, but simply use it to form our OWN experience. People notice that the "definition" of crystals doesn't match the current believed "definition" of living things and and brand your teachings as voodoo hoodoo or witch craft.
But science isn't about adhering to a believe system, which is built on certain dogmas, like many religions do. We've aquired a vast amount of knowledge in the past years, but in fact we still don't know shit. Which is (I have to know it) hard to accept.

Here is a quote from the website of the nautis project. (Which you really should check out!)
"From the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit (APRU) lecture series at the University of London. According to the hypothesis of formative causation, all self-organizing systems, including crystals, plants and animals contain an inherent memory, given by a process called morphic resonance from previous similar systems"
source: http://www.nautis.co m/2011/12/collective-memory-and-the-h abits-of-nature/

Hope this will help some people to to extend their spectrum of fields of views, if they choose to :)


Like always, needs more horrible mental scarring, less cheerful attitude and random sciency words.

Also, buddhism (=distancing yourself completely from material goods) + crystals (Being a somewhat expensive mineral, pretty much an embodiment of materialism)

it's like:
"Alright people, it'll all be alright, as long as you use your money on these here magical rocks you'll be happy foreverr."

"But doctor, we need that money to buy food and shelter, there's so much starvation in the world, shouldn't we spend our excess money on the poor?"

"non-sense citizen, ship them a few of these magical rocks and they'll all be fine"

XD it's the answer to all of lifes questions. "I'm SO HUNGRY I haven't eaten in days" "lick a rock"
"I have severe mental trauma from my horrible childhood" "rocks!"
"I lost my arms and legs in the war" "haaave a rock"
"my entire family is dead" "Two rocks *troll face*"

Yeah, people with real problems can't use this shit, see a therapist or talk to your friends and family. As for those out there without real problems and enough money to waste on rocks, I suggest using them on charity instead. We don't excactly have enough excess cash to use on this crap.

And before you ask, yeah I know things might not be as bad in the world as they might appear, but there are still people out there with diseases, people in war and starvation. Get a grip! (sorry if I sound a lil preachy)

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