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skyrim parody

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Author Comments

I would love to thank my good friend Stephanie Young for inspiring me to do this parody with her lovely song. Press on her name at the end of this animation to hear the whole version. She is extremely talented and I just loved it from the first time I heard it.

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LOVED IT!!!! totally ROFLMAO worthy.

littlegoblet responds:

thanx buddy. means alot that you liked it. Hugs to you :)

The animation had alittle of everything in it. Liked it alot for that reason. Keep it up ^^ the idea's are there and thats most of the battle the way i look at it.

littlegoblet responds:

ahh thanx buddy. realy appreciate that. I hope to get better with every one I do :)

It was decent. If i may offer in your next video you make don't have the voice of someone too high pitched because every time she talked it was a lil annoying for me to hear. other then the voice it was ok.

littlegoblet responds:

lol no probs buddy. I am abit shy with using my own voice so I keep changing the sound of it so I don't cringe as much. but now I realise that I am making everybody else cringe instead lol. so that is something I will change with animations I do if future. Thanx for the comment buddy

I actually quite liked it. It has a potential for improvement (voice acting, drawings, animation, so on), but I quite liked it. When Odahviing landed, you could for example have added a little bounce to his landing (you know, how you slightly bend your knees when landing after a jump).

The voices sounded like they were recorded on a laptop microphone. Which they probably were. Also, the female voice seemed to have been chipmunked (i.e: the pitch was set high), and that will be very annoying, unless you manage to work it into your animation cleverly.

Also, I need something to base my critique on, so; How old are you and how long have you been working with flash? Because you show much promise, at the very least in writing stuff like this. You just have to improve your flash skills.

But anyway, this was fun to watch. I'll look forward to see what you will be making.... in the FUTURE.

littlegoblet responds:

yes I realise that he is abit stiff when he lands. I am not a very good voice actor either. I am getting more use to it though. but still got my cheap microphone. lol I am in my mid thirties so I am a late starter. still I have been told that drawing is something you always improve on all your life so I hope to get better even though I am a late starter. thanx for the lovely comment buddy :)


Very funny. Nice work.

littlegoblet responds:

thanks buddy :)