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Prinny 2 FML

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Prinny 2 Dawn of Operation panties dood .... Is THE toughest game on any console or handheld. Wasted two hundred lives on the second level of the game. Improvements will be made in my newer flashes like better HD quality, and animation tricks. So LIKE VOTE and COMMENT it if you enjoyed it please. Music: Nothing to Say By Slash Ft. M. Shadows

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Beat it. lost almost 800 prinnies... BY GOD THE LAST BOSS IS TOUGH.

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

I will never make it that far.

i just bought a psp and of course........ this game. its an okay video and i do agree the game is hard as hell and how the hell do you pronounce dood XD. its so hard to say dood without saying dude XD

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

This isn't a game, it's a spawn of hell.

If You Though That Was Hard......

Wait until you get to the last boss. I lost almost 1000 lives before defeating "Etna". :\

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

Oh dear god... Wait you made it that far? Shit.

Not bad

Needed more Prinny's dying though and more dude!

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

Ugh..... Ok so thanks for the awesome score, but heres why theres not more doods, its because it reveals more of how shitty a voice actor i am and it made me sound autistic after awhile so i ditched the doods and found more sound affects. As for the deaths... Shit i shouldve done more... Thanks for commenting

I like it, but...

Maybe you could improve it a little by making better animations. I noticed that you put the rage meme, that was funny. Also, when I first clicked the start button, the movie took a few seconds to start off. Anyways, good one!

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

Hey man thanks! Yeah my Newgrounds shit tends to be sketchy at times... and the animation thing, well im trying to progree more an more through each one with quality and deatails. Im exited for my FML Skyrim because i find its quite well animated and hopefully funny. Anyways thanks for the comment