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Combat Tournament: 1.5

January 25, 2012 –
December 5, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Combat Tournament Legends is a remake on part 1 but alot better and more stuff and more fair.
I made this because it is what people/fans want, and it was fun !

Special thanks you tom fulp for front paging Combat Tournament 1. If it wasnt for him I woulda quit making games.

Crazy jay and Mr.red(terkoiz creation) is only for Stickpage.com
Fast Paced Fighting Vs

Go ahead and put it on your website!

I'm am no longer updating this


dude i love the game and everything but I cant take the freezing anymore its annoying man could you please fix it?

I remember playing ''Combat Tournament Legends'' on 2012 very hard, Now I'm feeling completely better in this game.

Awesome fighting combo game. New 3 additional characters made me even more fun.

Each character has a very strong personality, and the skills and combos are very interesting. The difficulty level is high, but the combo attack is very strong to play. characters now are not bad, but it would be better if more characters were added. Why do only CPU enemies have special skins, different colors? Also, VS mode would have been better if it had more functionality. Example - team mode, low stamina mode, character skin addition

thanks. Good Game :)

Play this game a LOT. Great action, cool moves, and the best thing is the music. Still trying to find the unknown songs, (the songs with question marks or the ones that have the incorrect titles) I NEED to know this game is too good!

need upgrade
need update
need more
good work

i beat the hardmode :D

Dude you should look into DBZ because it felt like one of those tenkaichi games

<deleted> responds:

I have play them. They're very good.

its fun I like the ninja

this game is so awsome i haven't play it in a very long time

the game still lags for me the fps stays 10 - 4

Good fights. The game is amazing compared to others which do not know how to create interactive, excitings, and fluids combats like this. The only bad thing that i think the game has is the LAG and that is very important to me in all games.

i don't have lag :D

its so awesome not bad in the graphics but its laggy to my PC :( i though mr.red is andrei lol still cool

(i call him dat :3)

Not bad, But the game too laggy in google. lel cx

OK, no need to review, no need to be tell anything about this but...

Yeah Its Pretty Harder Then The Normal combat tournament

This game is freakin' awesome. :D

is stickpage related to newgrounds?btw awesome game!

Good game!!I Love it!!!! Make more game at this type...

this game is super cool

awesome game dude! keep it up!!!

it says i lose the final battle no matter what even if it says im in 1st place! WTF!!! (ether way awsome game)

Amazingly amazing. I loved the battles, but there are some really dumb stuff that show the negative side of the game. Hope another version comes up so we keep on enjoying it !

I am going to make this as un biased as possible. While this game is really fun, and crazy, it is just not that great. Combos are too simplistic which terribly breaks this game, you cannot even get close to someone without being bombarded by rediculous combos that do a lot of damage, its just so hard to do creative things without getting beaten by a pulp so the game devolves into button mashing, and doing the same thing over and over again, I really like this game, its fun and addictive, but its just not a good brawler.

Blam that,not good:(

I love this game so many combo's and different ways to kill.

THIS IS THE BEST BRAWL GAME EVERY! What i love about it is you feel like a super sayin the fight but that doesn't mean its easy. My favoirte si the guy with the hammer. He has the coolest speacle.!

Y U no copy MR.RED and CRAZY JAY CHAR. so i will play mr red i like that guy so fast and powerful

I love it

it is a good game it's like playing super smash brothers ^_^

the second level of the second part of story mode is impossible first hes too fast and too powerful he can kill you in 5 seconds


Sweet butt I could tell if i was winning or losing half the time

<deleted> responds:

Game tells your place and kills. Its even in the tutorial.

This awsome game that i haven't played will be great!

make a 3rd combat tournament

theniceguy this game dosent suck u do!

sucks balls!


Ninja Is The strongest

i made it to the last level yeah

this game is a 50/50 cause i realy incomplete bro it go bug has hell bro but good work has long i can say

well i would have given this game 5/5 but... some chars have infinite combos... and some bugs... too....and sometimes it gets stuck to me....anyways i liked it so 4.5 :D

Would've been an amazing game if you put more work into it but it did keep me entertained. Fighting and combat were something else for a flash game but the AI sometimes was unfair or just too easy. Sometimes the music would stop randomly in mid-combat and there were some glitches where the enemy was spamming never ending combos. And you put too much power into the super attacks making it a one hit KO for some. But other than that its a pretty cool game but one part I dont get is one of the missions on the 3rd screen where there's just a gray screen there kinda incomplete game too.

<deleted> responds:

your totally right, this game is unbalance.
And its too late to fix does bugs now. Its already all over the world.

I would totally put more time into part 2 and Totally make the game fair including character balance.
Thank you for this review it really help me realize my mistakes and flaws.


why is there no block button

<deleted> responds:

The program I use to game the make the was limiting me to do that, and that the fact its more challenging this way.

andre is the best for the stong

Got bugs with Opera browser. The game randomly freezes and locks up Opera. Quality can't be changed either :(

<deleted> responds:

I have never tested it or heard Opera browser . you can fix this problem by using another browser.
If it still doesnt work than maybe ur pc is outdated , or you havent updated the flashplayer

We need more game like this!!!


My Mind Blew up and I LIKE THIS GAMES

Awesome Mr. Red.... You hit A and the next thing you know your beating them up.

Very cool. For a stick animation, it is VERY well done. I don't agree with the music choices, but that is literally just personal opinion.

Keep it up dood!

lol when i just got on i just got combo master and 107 hits on them dont belived me well thats ur fault but i actally did

it was a good game but hard

if you play this on stickpage.com then you get 2 characters WHO ARE LIKE THE BEST CHARACTERS IN THE GAME! oh and you also get a random select on stickpage.com! but anyways THIS IS THE BEST GAME I PLAYED

<deleted> responds:


mAN, THIS WAS FUN! The graphics were a bi dull, but I felt like I was in a stick figure episode! I felt awesome!

It was an improvment from the first one like how there were more characters. Gameplay was still dull and got bored after awhile. Your very talented but the game was flawed. I like the diversity of oopenets but the maps were boring and the graphics were dull. You definatly made improvments. Keep up the good work and hope the power star game goes well.

Daaaaaaaaang!!!ive been waiting for a game like this for AGES 10/10 I thought his was going to be another shitty ssbb or taking turn battle but no!You sir just made one of my dreams come true and i hope other people think the same!

Even Thoght i playd This On Yepi Its On Newgrounds

i have no idea what's going on and it forces me to just push a bunch of buttons... i mean i won the first round but didn't even bother started a second. your still awesome for creating a game booyah lol

the game is good but y cant get the 2 last lock players plz help get theme plz!

Dude, its so fast the screen cant catch up with the action, you're doing a great job cleaning out the bugs

more hard O_O i cannot even completed this

Excellent Combo game
There were a FEW things that made me go WTF?!!?(Teammate is a lie)
But overrall i think it was pretty good :D

Well, the infinite combos were fun, but only when dishing out. I can tell you how many times I got stuck in an infinite spray of combos because i kept spawning in poorly laid out locations. hopefully you can get this minor issue fixed. Also, I have to agree with spritefan, there should be more levels. Also, it would be awesome if our characters could get upgraded combos. Using the same combos on the same levels on the same enemies got very repetitive and boring quick. Also, the track could use more variety.

But i see where you are going with this game. With only a few more tweeks, I can see this becoming a truly awesome series!

Its good at first but it seems to just keep dragging on

Awesome man. My only complaint is that in story mode, some of the rounds just take WAYYY too long. (like, killing 20 opponents). People these days have short attention spans, can't handle it</3

Also, I didn't fully complete the game, so I may be wrong, but a wider variety in stages would be nice. Rather than just some sorta underground death match arena type set up. Fighting outside is also nice~


This is the most awesome game that I played in my whole life!!!!!
Thank you guys for making this game.
I think you did your best.

I did like this game realy mutch so I give you
Rate is 3
Stars is 2!
Good work

Well, it was a nice beat-'em up with a simple stickfigure style. The AI might need some improvement and ther eshould be more levels,but all in all it seems very good.

man when i first played this i enjoyed it as a normal game but as it when on there are bugs fuking every where.such as:
A.I's are bad if they are on ur side they some times do absoultely nothing as they stand there as another A.I on the other team stands infront of them or they run around the area endlessly so u gots chat up with them.
nearly all the opponents are the baseball guy.
some of the players are confusing to play as.
button mashing acours a lot.
the opponents just rape u on the side of the wall for 5 mins the.
music is a bad quality.
Mr.reds sound effects are soooo loud.
basicly i know its still being updated soo theres bugs evry where especialy with the team battles
a few things that could make this game better is a music selection page and/or a area where u can pick your team mate or somthing like that. as this is still getting updated i will be looking back at the progress and improvements that have been made.

THIS IS SO AWESOME! By the way, do you do requests on coding? Cause I need help..
THIS IS EPIC! Adding to faves now!

It's so AWESOME,The new characters has unique skills,i understand why you work alot for this game,Keep up the good work!

I loved this new Stick Man fighting game. It has very intense fighting combos and more specific characters (including BlackChicken) were near impossible to beat. The only 2 reasons im giving this 4.5 stars is because ive encountered 2 glitches. In Death Match Round 2 with Andre, He went through the ceiling a few times and i had to restart it. The other glitch is when i use Andres special move and kill the stick figure (just a theory on that because the special attack seemed to KO the stick figure), it doesnt count as a kill at all. But overall awesome game.

epic :) its very cool more than minecraft lolol

i understand you've worked hard on this it's AMAZING


needs some work... but really nice.

i waited so long and THIS...

was not what i expected,
but better!

Eye-Catching Title

It`s exactly as advertised but could use some work on graphics but as a stick game keeps to how earlier stick fighting games have been.




Amazing Fighting Engine!

Pretty Sick

Imma go ahead and give it an 8 because of some balance issues, but this game is reall really good, add some medals after polishing this to a well deserved shine!


now that you have finished 1 of 2 important game projects, now you can focus on the power star game. this game was epic i love the new characters and love the old ones. and the maps are sweet

rather borin

title says it, it is a good game though


this game is soo cool

Andre is the MAN!!!

Nuff said.

Maybe I'm missing something.

Fun game for the first two levels or so, but after that it seems like I hit the enemy once then they go into some insane hour long combo that knocks off like 3/4 of my health. I start any combo longer than a single hit and they seem to just start pounding on me right in the middle of it. Read through the instructions a number of times, tried playing with all available characters and the same thing, just a swift merciless beating that I can't seem to replicate.

This totally deserves a 5 and 10

I have played the game, and I am to judge and comment.
First of all, freakin epic.
I totally love this game, totally got to play this new one instead of the other one.
And thanks for letting me borrow this "something" you have..
And, how's the Power Star game you making Dennes?

Good game but...

I think the algorithms for the home run character are stuck 3 options which are a little invincible. It's a loop. And it doesn't stop. Once I get hit by the first move, the home run guy continuously rapes me in the air. FIx?

Hey, I remember this!

I remember playing this a long time ago. Nice to see it's been updated and improved on! This has already been said, but the game can get prety repetitive at times. However, the option to change characters mid-way through adds a good amount of replayability to it.

On a side note, you may want to improve the link in-game. Not sure if it's just me, but when I click on it, it takes me to Sitckpage.com, but not the to the game within the website. It's a hassle to have to search for it.

9 out of 10 (voting 5)


F*cking beast.


Average score is only 8.1? it should be higher

<deleted> responds:

its "8.1" Because theres alot of button mashing and alot of repetitive gameplay.



<deleted> responds:

Na, I say its on the top 10 best flash fighting games .

I think my "A" key is broken

Finished it in both modes, and I cant feel my fingers....
The best thing about this game is that it simulates an actual stick movie fight...
And for that I give you 9 (just coz the bugs were actually kinda annoying)

<deleted> responds:

I'll fix them for ya! if u report them to me

Monster kill bug

When I get monster kill with yo-yo, crappy song

Juggling made it easy

I defeated every enemy just by using an endless juggle. Could you make it so that it would be impossible to get a 300 hit combo just by juggling specifically andre and the ninja?

<deleted> responds:

na, keep doing it while it still last. because the next series for this game isnt gonna have endless juggles

look im not gonna lie

I really liked this game it kept me interested until i started realizing just how buggy it is. the first section of levels were not that bad on bugs but as i progressed it just kept getting worse and worse. one of the worst ones i saw was when i was supposed to kill 100 people but i just ended up killing 4 and it let me pass. or when i was in a tag match and my tag partner wouldn't move as i got my ass kicked up and down the field. but the last thing that finally made me stop was the second to last level. there is nothing that you can do to stop the black guy from completely owning your shit. so maybe you can go back on this and add a bit of blocking or maybe even like teleporting away from the opponents if you hit a button at the right time. and please please on your next game make sure that you have all of your bugs worked out.

Smegging brilliant!!

This has to be one of the best stick fighting games I've ever played. It really in my mind captures the intensity of a lot of stick fight movies. It could use improvement in some ways, like making character movement slightly faster and including someway to break an opponents combo. If the character movement were faster I think it would feel more you were a bad ass stick figure in the middle of an even more epic fight.
All in all great game! I look forward to the next version! (Oh, and brandonwest4321, when I fought the blue box I just used speed. and moved out of his way when he tried to attack. I was using Slapstick, try him.)

Nice one!

One thing though... Could you make the playing screen and the characters a little bit bigger? It would be a lot more fun if we could really see the action closer and better.

<deleted> responds:

Will add it in Verson 2.3


good game but the spawn were complete SHIT and everytime i was owning somebody a com comes over and freaking spams me

really fun, but a thought.

in the next update it would be cool to scale back the boss fights just a bit. they were fun, just a bit TO strong and it was kind of boring losing time and time again because as soon as they start a combow your screwed. any way its still a great game with great aspects. cheers

the blue guy

the blue guy was way to imbalanced when i try to attack he attacks and gets me its a fucked up game it wouldve been better if it wasnt unbalanced

In the vein of all the classic fighting games.

Brilliant. I've waited a long time for a fighting game that can accurately emulate the Stickpage fighting style. A few recommendations.
1. Jumping needs to be fixed. It takes too long and leaves you very open to an enemy combo.
2. Dashing would be a lot of fun. The game already reeks of Gods battling Gods, and the only thing that ruins that look and feel is the lack of mobility.
3. I would love to see people being smashed into walls. TNT is great, but fully destructible environments (a la Terkoiz), would make this game something that I'd come back to see for years.


I played with the Swords Guy and i rocked things. Plus when are you coming out with the other one?

Fun But Hard Also LOL!!!!

This game gets me to raging how the hell do you get to doing the combo breakers?!! DAMN IT!!! LOL!!!!


What happened to Mr Slaptastic saying "bitch" all the time?! That was my favorite part!

Glad to see the dodge system improved to the point where it can be used in the air now. That was my biggest complaint about the dodge system.

<deleted> responds:

Also Time your Attack on them for Combo Breakers.
I took off "bitch" because alot of little kids plays it.
I am gonna put an option to put "BITCH" on and off! in verson 2.3!

I can't say I enjoyed it much...

The characters and their combos are pretty cool but the gameplay was just annoying as hell. In a group of guys you can't see anything and your best bet is to just mash the a button. blue box gets you in an infinite combo loop too which is so frustrating, it actually drove me to kill a guy in real life.

<deleted> responds:

There Are Combo Breakers :/

Nice to look at

The game is fun to play near the beginning, but later when you must get 20 kills in one match, the game begins to feel repetitive, and it seems the only way to inflict any major damage on an enemy is to aerial combo them, which leads to just smashing the A button in midair, causing the action to become much less intense. Also in team battles, the kill counter does not go up if your team mates score a kill, they are more of a liability than an ally.

<deleted> responds:

I shall Make Combat Tournament 2 Alot Less repetitive, with a little bit button mashing.

Really fun.

I felt like this was a fun and well made game. I especially liked how the characters were all set up with unique skill sets, which each had their own strengths and weakness. My only complaint is it sometimes feels like you are just smacking buttons and hoping your combo will continue. Also, generally whoever struck 1st was the winner, as they then could carry an ginormous combo you could not break.

Improvements shine above tachnical faults

Concept: Second installment in this chaotic fighter of a franchise. With 3 (2 stickpage exclusive) new characters to test drive and beat that brains out of the already brainless AI. Also this game includes an all new VS MODE!! Holy shit way to make up for the lack of online multiplayer that was unfortunately put on halt.

Story:Yeah, right. Unless you count stages as story.

Aesthetic: The original art style makes a return. saturation of red and other dark colors with a combination of varietal shading giving that appropriate gritty appeal. Also assisting this feel is the detail of blood added in some levels and the awesome music in the title/selection screens. The fighters have their own unique color and yes it is just a simple color swap and a change in weaponry (some hidden until you actually fight.) But let it be known that old saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" definitely applies during combat.


The intense fighting action is back and better than ever I like how each character feels unique and execute their own style of fighting. Not only does this apply depth to how each character must be handled differently in combat situations to compensate for certain weaknesses. I also get such a badass feel from beating the tar out of my opponent with rush combo's followed by crazy hard hitting aerial attacks and ending my opponents resistance with a well timed final blow into a cement block or explosive. The combat is "A,B,C basic" with your A button racking in a thousand presses every hour but what partakes on screen along with the great sound effects is so satisfying to my senses that I don't even acknowledge my primary means of attack is 99% A button 1% S (Special) It's that damn addicting.

However with this games technical faults, although a lot less problematic compared to the original, still can put a damper on the gaming experience. The AI is negative 0 retarded 60% of the time, alot of times they hump walls attack air or do absolutely nothing handicapping players with time out periods to recharge their special, getting in the first blow, and making difficulty almost pointless. The only reason I could see this game being difficult is for those who don't understand the dodge system and even though I've clocked in hours in both installments the dodging is so easy it's laughable. All you have to do is gold down a directional button and D and the game mechanics will take care of the rest even if you get hit within a few life meters away from a K.O you should never be overwhelmed by attacks.

Only exception to that is special moves and it does take some skill, luck, familiarity to avoid them but the easiest is Home run bat's "Kamehameha" it's painfully obvious when he execute's his special during a combo when you get familiarized with all the signs. Hell even a sloppy executed jump (yes you can jump three times) is enough to avoid the full damage of his attack.

The tutorial could use more clarity and it would save newcomers ALOT of frustration. I bet most newcomers didn't even know they could triple jump or dodge by holding D and a left/right directional button unless they played for a few hours. An unclear Tutorial is dangerous and probably affected your overall reception the most because these are primary means of avoiding attacks as well as setting yourself up for continuing keeping the combo meter live and counter attacks.

Overall: Where newcomers may not sit so well I still love this game despite it's technical flaws and occasional repetitiveness. With three refreshing new characters a freakin local versus and all classic stick brutality I've come to expect.

This is EASILY deserving as one of the best stick action games out there.

4 excellent stars out of 5


Whishlist: CT 3 with Xiao Xiao I will worship and address you as LORD Ongokiller50 if you do.

<deleted> responds:

This Has Really Help me on Combat Tournament 2 and this one. Thank you.

pretty damn good

it has what a stickman game needs.its fast paced with epic combos with epic powers and epic background music.
as a fighting game. its too much button mashing if you ask me. fighting games need some actual thinking and more accurate combo doers.
i think jump and special should be reversed because you wont be using a special as much as you should be jumping.
if you think I'm being to harsh well maybe thats because my fighting game standard is Guilty Gear X2. I apologize if i was harsh because i didn't quite mean to.
again great game. :3

Orgasm for gamers

This game is the best stick figure game EVER. I hope this gets a series of games and go further from there. Please continue in doing fast paced anything like this. Haha. 10/10

good game and all but

when u go the one right after one man army where u need 50 kills and move on to the can u see the enemies one one the screen is pitch white and the sounds come from below me so i cant tell where i am, what moves im using, or where the enemies might be

love seein the game back

should totally get with micool, nahzul, terkoiz and other and get their guys in a game like this. id love to see a Super shash bro style compilation with all the stick badasses floatin aroun

game is too slow

but its awesome! so please make improvements! aside from that, i love it =3 make more!

<deleted> responds:

I think I gotta put graphic options.
like low graphics for slow computers like yours :D
Thanks for the tip!



Had potenzial.

But is full of glitch and bug. If you don't attack first there's not possibility to combo-break. Need to work.

<deleted> responds:

U can combo-break , you just need to time it.

I very like it but....

This game i very enjoy. I already play 2 hour on this game, I very like it. The combo system is the only thing I most like in this game. BUT, there too much bug in your game like your precious game. Hope you can fix it. Just found 2.
1. Sometime. it suddenly appear a spamming "monster kill" that RAPING MY EAR.
2. After I press mute, close the pause menu. Open pause menu, the mute is off but still no sound.
That's all. This game is so hard and i love it XD.

Absolutly Brilliant

The fighting is so fast paced it keep my adrenaline up. Awesome graphics, i know how hard you worked on this great job >;D


Stats, Info & More

4.49 / 5.00