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[GNT] Ryu vs Goku

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this time I decided to put out an older animation and although it does not seem complete.

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It´s really cool,it´s really smooth but you should have you used the sprites from Balthazar´s Goku,they would fit the not only the stage but also ryu better.Other than that great job!

Great work!

This is great! It's smooth, looks good and you did a good job using the sprites. It's definitely not finished though. I love the concept of Goku vs Ryu, I'd love to see a longer version of this!

You have great potential.

goldenninetails responds:

oh thank you ^^


I think i just had a nerdgasm! E-P-I-C-!-!-! I usually hate these kind of movies...but this was a one-in-a-million exception...very well done....and GOKU WON!! That's the only way it could have ended lol.

goldenninetails responds:

yeah goku won and thanks ;3


People make these quite often, and it's somewhat rare to see people that do them right.

Graphics are very good throughout the movie, and really make it look like a video game fight without life bars. The battle intro screen matches the fancy versus screens of Street Fighter. The locales match both Street Fighter and Dragonball (to an extent), and the arena destruction was a plus.

Animation-wise, everything was pretty much perfect. Characters responded the correct way to being hit, and the camera movements were always spot on. One little issue I had was how much increase in gamma there was when epic moves had been performed.

The fighting sound effects throughout were a little bit loud, but otherwise okay. The music and all other sounds except for Goku's occasional scream are of good volume.

One thing missing was a plot. This is sort of necessary in this case, because they wouldn't be fighting for no reason. It detracts from the story a bit because mindless fighting is pointless, and to me it devalues the animation a bit.

This is great. Keep up the good work. It was on the short side, and did end abruptly, so try and elongate it next time.

Also, on the title screen, I think the location and color of the play button should be adjusted.

goldenninetails responds:

nice review thanks o-o

not bad, but not good

this movie, isn't bad however, it could be elongated