.Bank Robbery

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i hope you enjoy this


Needs work - a lot of work

Right, this piece has very obvious flaws, which some of the reviewers below have probably dwelled upon, which I have little interest in rehashing.

To improve, start with the audio - play it slightly quieter and get the mood set, with perhaps a few sounds of the city outside, as the camera pans past the front of the bank. Then you come into the bank and see the robber draw his gun, before pointing it at the cashier.

From there, the audio plays out and things happen. Be ambitious and show the bullet actually being fired and penetrating the skull of the cashier himself. There is a good scope for improvement in this piece, from using a smaller tool in the drawing phase and onwards from that use colour, rather than a black and white "schoolboy" approach to it all. If you make a few tweaks here and there, you'll get a much better looking presentation.

The filesize is small, so you can get a lot more out of it, for not all that much additional effort. Best of luck.

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Not enough effort

Even though this flash has very limited animation and horrible graphics, I can at least see you tried. There is a story, you searched for some sound effects that fit and the movie replayed if you press a button.
With these stick movies I always get the idea like there's put not much time in it though. If you tried to draw a few people, or some creatures that you made up, it would look less amateurish already.You don't have to be a great drawer, but trying and practising helps. Or you could ask someone to draw something for you.
Another thing that made it look pretty amateurish is the very limited amount of movement in the flash. Only their mouths, one arm and tears moved. Especially at the first frame I asked myself: "has this started already?" because there was no animation.
With some practice you'll get beter.

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Could be better

Well, I was put off by the fact that there are nothing but stick figures in this one, but at least I hadn't to go through another boring and endless stick fight. Instead, you presented us with a story of your own.

While I didn't get the story (why did the robber shoot?) it's still nice to see someone actually took the time to think of a story.

The voice acting was okay, but the sound quality was too low. The quality of the song was very low as well. While it is nice to have a small file I think your decision of turning down the quality has gone too far in this case.

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"A Seed"

You are but a young seed! A very excitting time to live. I can allready see it. Please! Have a long a joyful stay here. The audio was funny with lack of visuals and movie magic was made giving you a page here in honor to charish this! Follow your dreams I can tell you got a head full of good ideas from merely watching this. I chuckled, BUT please export the audio at a higher quality next time. really I apreciate the small file but it's UNNECESSARY :)

Enjoy ;)

Lorde responds:

thanks man

Work on it.

There were many issues to be fixed.

For starters, the title screen does not have proper conventions, and its design does not paint a very good picture of what it's about. Also, the line at the left doesn't fit and shouldn't be there.

The drawing quality is sort of decent for stick figures and blood, but for everything else, it wasn't good. The gun should have stayed at its most detailed form when it was being fired (which is still not the best) because the other gun models look pretty stupid, and the bank counter (if it was a bank counter) was too simple.

Animation requires work on transition frames and smoothing, for the frames currently look choppy. Facial movement during speech could also be improved.

The sound of the flash movie was not equalized, which is a pretty bad thing. Uneven volumes often lead to unenjoyable experiences, because the volumes always have to be adjusted. Voice acting needed work and better equipment, as I heard undertones in the sample and the quality of recording was for the most part bad. The 'Hide and Seek' sample was too loud, to the point where it overloads the tweeters causing white noise.

The plot of the movie is also pretty bad in that it was nonexistent, and didn't really parody much of anything.

I think that more time and effort could improve your animation skills, so when you make your next one, take time to pay attention to the details, and you'll get an ultimately better Flash movie.

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Jan 24, 2012
4:17 PM EST
Comedy - Parody