Adventures of Veronica

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21st Nov 2034 ...
What are these things attacking the world ?

Veronica has been warned ! She must escape ! Guided by her great great grandfather she may succeed. But... is that all? Does Fate have a larger plan for Veronica ?
Play the first episode of The Adventures of Veronica Wright in her journey to save the mankind !

Classic first person 'point and click' adventure
Gorgeous hand drawn graphics
Simple 'point and click' game play
No inventory management. Inventory of collected items opens automatically only in spots where it's needed
Range of puzzles to be solved throughout the game
Non-linear gameplay
Save game facility

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adventures of veronica

Generally good game. Good graphics, nice puzzle arrangement - not one step after another, like less imaginative games - and solutions that generally make sense.

(Spoilers here on in)
Some slight annoyances, though: the arrows for changing rooms are confusing, as sometimes going left brings you to a spot where you have to go left to return (the plant room) and in the corridor, the open door appears to just be a graphic denoting your return route, when in fact it is an extra room to travel to.

The 'blue flowers' clue is a little annoying as well, as you can click on the blue flowers, but at the moment when you would want to find out what is underneath them, you have no object that will work on them. Instead, you are expect to find a spot that appears to be unmarked and invisible /near/ them to go down. I realize there is a clue suggesting you do this, but having found the blue flowers, it takes ages to realize that you don't click on them to find out what is beneath them.

Actually, in general having a message that denotes why you've failed to choose the right object might be helpful.

Otherwise, good set of puzzles, better than the average stuff that we often find! Good job.

Good game, but some hints (pool table, combination in the room below conservatory) could be useful.

I love it

it is a really good game .thx for this game

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4.04 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2012
8:12 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click