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Q - compressing the heart

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Use your Mouse
Press ESC button to open menu
M to mute

Enjoy the game!


Great, but could stand improvement.

Let's start by saying that I loved the art in this game. When I started I had high hopes that the gameplay would match up with the artistry behind it. But by the first level I found myself needing to access the walkthrough in order to figure out where to click. Although there were a few at times, overall there were too few visual cues indicating what needed to be done. Without such hints, the game became too mentally stressing to be enjoyable anymore, much less allowing one to think on a deeper meaning to the plot. It was still a lovely game, just a tad too tricky to become really enjoyable.

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This is simply outstanding and prortais agony at it´s best. Not only do we have a creul antagonist but we also learn to hate the protagonist himself. The world seems extremly violent and unfriendly with almost certain death around every cornern. Out protagonist himself often acts violently and maybe even unneccecarily cruel. I wouldn´t change the ending in the way the scene is animated but merely add a small scene in which you can see the protagonist closeley in order to rise attention. The content of the ending itself of course would need to remain the same in order to uphold the message.
One might read different meanings out of this: Either that acting without heart will only lead to your demise or the exact opposite, that you can only proceed in life if you don´t have a heart which will although still not change your undramatic ending which is the same as the one of everyone else: Death.
One thing however can not be discussed: This Flash is outstanding!

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The game was good and the chalanges are ok and everything but it could had a better ending tho...

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Nice, but....

This game was quite nice and I liked the style a lot. The atmosphere was awesome and the soundtrack really suits this game, but it's super short, very easy and the end is kinda.... not good (like others said before).

No words can describe this....

I've played limbo, ive played many games like this on Newgrounds over the past 7 years, and this one just baffles me... I mean this in a good way, the music is perfect, melancholy with a touch of anticipation. The puzzles are decent, i spent 5 minutes on limbo, i spent 20 minutes on the clock. The graphics are beautiful and hold a certain charm that could only be identified and named by a psychopath with a fetish for pencils. The ending was a little bit of a let down but it felt like the game was sending some sort of ingrained message to me. I just couldn't wrap my fingers around what it was telling me.

I would give it a 9.5 ( -.5 for the ending) but newgrounds only rounds up ratings to a whole number, so im going to give it a 10, seeing as a 9 wouldnt do it justice. I would like to see more games with the same style on newgrounds but im going to play yours through a dozen more times till i find out what the game is telling me.

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3.88 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2012
8:21 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click