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m01. Take On the Galaxy 5 Points

Complete Levels 01-05 in the Prime Galaxy

m12. The Core Experience 5 Points

Complete all levels in the Prime Galaxy and Dimension X to unlock the Center of the Universe

m14. Non-Conformist 5 Points

Complete Level 11: Gapping the Bridge without touching the bridge

m15. Fore! 5 Points

Complete Level 15: Mount Ordeals within par shots

m16. That Was Magic 5 Points

Complete Level 23: Banana Peel Field without touching any accelerators

m17. Wheeeeeee --bzzt-- 5 Points

Complete Level 40: F-Fling Into Space without touching the bottom island

m18. Map Filler Syndrome 5 Points

Touch every island in Level 42: The Morgan and complete the level

m19. Curiosity Killed the Cat 5 Points

Enter every room in Level 44: The Asylum and complete the level

m20. Your Skills... Enigmatic 5 Points

Complete Level 50: Judgment without touching any boosters

m21. The Iceman Cometh 5 Points

Complete Level 02X: Omnipresent Danger without breaking any falling tiles

m22. Tricky's Song 5 Points

Complete Level 17X: Perfidious Path without touching any boosters or accelerators

m23. But Can You Do It Ten Times? 5 Points

Complete three (3) laps on Level 29X: Grand Prix

m24. Point to Point 5 Points

Make it to the end of the launch strip in Level 36X: Hyperspace

m25. Gridd 5 Points

Complete Level 46X: Masochistic without touching any dirt tiles

m26. A Week's Hard Work 5 Points

Complete all ten Featured Levels in a single play session

m27. Bling... Bliiing 5 Points

Customize all aspects of your Eunaborb at least once each

m28. Meet the Maker 5 Points

Visit the developer's website from anywhere in the game

m29. What the World Needs Now 5 Points

Find and follow the krangGAMES Love Link

m30. Eargasm 5 Points

Visit the OST Music page from anywhere in the game

m31. Fly, My Pretties 5 Points

Share a progress update on ANY social network

m32. The CODE 5 Points

Enter THE Code

m33. Naughty, Naughty 5 Points

Unlock a Cheat

m34. Forced Fashion 5 Points

Use a cheat code to change your Eunaborb's appearance

m35. The Secret Level 5 Points

Discover and play The Secret Level

m02. Prime Systems - Complete 10 Points

Complete all levels in the Alpha Quadrant in the Prime Galaxy (01-10)

m03. Galactic Trail - Complete 10 Points

Complete all levels in the Beta Quadrant in the Prime Galaxy (11-20)

m04. Space Manufactory - Complete 10 Points

Complete all levels in the Gamma Quadrant in the Prime Galaxy (21-30)

m05. Hyperspace Continuum - Complete 10 Points

Complete all levels in the Delta Quadrant in the Prime Galaxy (31-40)

m07. Spacetime Fracture - Complete 10 Points

Complete all levels in the Rho Quadrant in Dimension X (01X-10X)

m08. Origin of Time - Complete 10 Points

Complete all levels in the Sigma Quadrant in Dimension X (11X-20X)

m09. Challenger - Complete 10 Points

Complete all levels in the Tau Quadrant in Dimension X (21X-30X)

m10. Event Horizon - Complete 10 Points

Complete all levels in the Upsilon Quadrant in Dimension X (31X-40X)

m06. Galactic Core - Complete 25 Points

Complete all levels in the Epsilon Quadrant in the Prime Galaxy (41-50)

m11. Singularity - Complete 25 Points

Complete all levels in the Phi Quadrant in Dimension X (41X-50X)

m36. Prime Galaxy - Speedrun 25 Points

Complete ALL Levels in the Prime Galaxy within par time (01-50)

m38. Prime Galaxy - Master 25 Points

Complete ALL Levels in the Prime Galaxy within par shots (01-50)

m13. Eunaborb - Complete 50 Points

Complete the Center of the Universe

m37. Dimension X - Speedrun 50 Points

Complete ALL Levels in Dimension X within par time (01X-50X)

m39. Dimension X - Master 50 Points

Complete ALL Levels in Dimension X within par shots (01X-50X)

m40. Epic Win 50 Points

Play and complete 1,000 Levels in Eunaborb

Author Comments

Click + Drag your Eunaborb towards the finish point - the Warp Hole. Thanks to science, it's that easy!

Updates and bugfixes are applied almost every day. If you have feedback, send it to nick@kranggames.com - I'd love to hear it!

Development's an ongoing process, too. If you find any bugs, send those to error@eunaborb.com. I'll get working to fix the issue, and you'll have my eternal love. Win-win.

~Nick Yonge,
Founder/Director/MCS-EOOE J

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Lots of potential but some of it was wasted on the unforgiving difficulty.

First 50 levels ("Prime galaxy") is somewhat easy to complete. Each level has a "shortcut" or obvious path to complete, and the "falling" mechanic (which is bogus since we're in space) gives plenty of time to react (or just be outright abused in order to complete levels faster).

Shit hits the fan when "par scores" (time and shots) come into play. Trying to achieve each one turns the game from an easy/moderate experience straight to "f***tremely challenging", even considering that they can be achieved in different plays.

The next dimension ("Dimension X") is already hard - it consists of the same layouts from prime galaxy, but with different tiles in order to screw up the player. Even completing the first stages is a pain and to reach par scores on them would be impossible without mad skillz.

Original audio, I always appreciate it. Graphics are OK. The game is well done, it's just the difficulty that is way too high.

Addictive game and the achievements are tricky to get but possible with training.
the game mechanics are perfect the way it is. It can be sometimes frustrating but i agree with the difficult.
There aren't secret medals which is a good sign and makes a relief for those that like to do all achievements
the music is OK but there should be more tracks.

I don't like your music plain and simple.

Same as the one below, i finished the 1st 50 levels and warp to dimention X, then i felt like when they relase a 5th gen on pokemon... even more? i mean, its fun and that but at some time it just feel so... cruel or something like, and yeah, for medals, i got 0 of 'em

nothing else to say, its fun at some point, i like it but Arcticfang has already said what i think of this so uh yeah

It's good, but...

There are a lot of flaws. First off: an actual gameplay bug. If you hit (or maybe go under) a tile that forcibly moves you just before you die; then you'll respawn already moving. However, my big complaint is actually with the difficulty.

First off, I'm not saying that really difficult is bad, I did have fun. However, having to click on a ball moving at high speeds is far more difficult than it needs to be. The detection box for the ball is a bit smaller than it could be, and it creates a cheap challenge either way. The puzzle element of this game seems to be planning, and the skill element is about exact timing and aim. And that's great! I really enjoyed that part, the zero g options forced you to think about what you were going to do. The issue is, for the best aspects to this games challenge, the mouse doesn't add anything. I'd have had a lot more fun, and probably managed a lot better if you could just click ANYWHERE and then aim and shoot. There isn't anything else on the screen to click anyway! You'd still have to time it right, and know exactly where your ball is, just to aim it. There just wouldn't be any annoying moments chasing the ball with the cursor.

Next off, some of your medal felt ridiculous. Complete 1000 levels? Really? And only 50 points even then? Even though I really like this game I'm not going to play and replay it that much. I know that there's a point limit on medals, but given the difficulty of this game pretty much all the ones related to playing the game felt disappointing.

Next up: The user interface. From what I've seen, there's no real way to check just your record times and shots on the various levels. Also, all the menus felt really bland. I get that they were thematic, but I could barely see some of the options on the main menu at first.

One thing that bothered me was the password system. No other game on this site (that isn't well hidden, or actively multiplayer) requires that to my knowledge. I can understand for the level creation/sharing/whatever you plan to do with that, but do you really need my email address before I can SAVE MY FREAKING PROGRESS? Even after I signed up (Afang username btw.) I didn't get any notice that things actually saved, from what I could see nothing was actually different!... What I'm getting at is that it should be easier to avoid losing 3 hours of progress on a game like this; and much, much easier to KNOW that you're avoiding that.

Anyway, that's most of what I had to say. The levels were interesting, cruel, and much in-between. I liked the concept, and the execution wasn't even that flawed. I even managed to get really into the game (my blood pressure will rise every time I see left facing arrows for at least the next few days.) There's just a lot you could work on.

Oh, and, *ahem*

Par shots on all the main levels? I actually got that, and it wasn't easy. You can check my userpage, or profile in your game (Afang.) I've gotten all the component medals, but it just didn't show up. I really, really hate it when medals glitch up, because often there isn't really a way to go back and try again. If you could fix that, very soon, that would be great.

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2012
6:06 PM EST