La Portador

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Author Comments

So the project was to create a product, as stupid as you wanted, and all you had to do was advertise it using certain techniques of advertisement.
So with that, I bring you La Portador
A heads up-- this flash lacks quality. I mean /really/ lacks quality. The only reason I've decided to upload it here is because so many people told me I might as well, since it was nice and long, and at least a little bit funny.
In all honesty I do like how it turned out, and I might even fix it up in the future, making it look more official and not so.. done-in-twelve-hours-late -into-the-night-like.
Anyway, I bring y'all: La Portador!

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I see what you did there...

very good you should keep up!

o and btw i noticed the "tobuscus adventure" refence in the end lol very funny

There's some funny stuff right here...

I have to say at the start I wasn't too sure, but once all the Portal puns started this instantly became one of my favorite videos. Kudos to the author!

Ha! Love it!

I found this really funny. Keep it up!

Persuasive and Humorous

Heads Up! The audio and and actual flash won't be insync if you scroll up and down on the web page (or at least it's doing it on my computer). Like you said, the flash lacks quality quite a bit, but the very clever dialouge made up for a lot of it. Glad you uploaded it here.

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3.67 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2012
5:32 PM EST