Turbo Canyon

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Arrow keys to move the truck and spacebar to restart the current level.


its a great game, missing some sound, which over all kinda dulled the game as a whole

It wasn't the Best, I didn't get the Point of the Whole Game *2 Stars*

A little boring.

The game was good but it got boring fast.

Artwork was fairly minimal, never daring to go into the more complex things like shading, but it really didn't need to; it was just fine without it considering the type of game it is. Art direction was clearly present and followed for the most part. Some images I saw in-game didn't quite follow the same pattern as the rest of the game, such as the cactus.

There was no sound in the game, which was one of the things that made this game boring. The addition of sound would have made this game much more worth playing.

Gameplay was as you would expect it to be, although the landscapes were generally easy to traverse, the only real difficulty being in climbing steep slopes without sliding backwards, which was the other contributing factor in its boringness. The physics were a bit odd, and the camera needs more lead when the rider is at higher speeds.

Interface was a bit finnicky; I found the controls of the game slippy at high speeds. The right and left functions also don't necessarily tilt as much as they probably should.

For a game like this I would suggest more content, and some sounds or music to go along with the game. The game's pretty bland without it.

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2.94 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2012
4:53 PM EST
Sports - Racing