Alternate Dimensions

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Champion over these twisting and futuristic obstacles in this mind-bending puzzle game, with only a spaceship and a box!

ASDW/ Arrow Keys to move

SPACE to pick up the cube.

When the door opens, move through it to the next level.

A game by Karate Koala, http://karatekoala.com !


Great Game

This game has all that it needs to be a great puzzle game.

Art and game design were definitely done well. The designs seem to have influences from Portal, with the forcefields and the cubes. There was one issue here, though, and it is that buttons have no distinction as to whether they only press down once or if they can be pressed and unpressed.

Sound is great save for a few spots. I have a slight issue with the theme. There's a sort of pad I hear in the background that is out of tune with the rest of the song, and it's so prominent it causes an issue. I understand it's not entirely your issue, but it is still a problem. Another sound-related issue is that when multiple beams turn on at the same time, they get very loud, so you should look into fixing that.

Gameplay was good too. It is clearly influenced by Portal, and Portal and this game seem to share the aspect of great puzzles. They were on the easy side, never really requiring great thought, just as they were in the original Portal game.

In terms of interface, everything was well-designed and fit into the game. The game's controls are good, but a little bit slippy, and should be tightened up a bit. Maneuvering at high speed tends to be problematic for handling.

I did notice the lack of a story, and with in a puzzle game, it's nice to have some story elements to accompany the player as it moves along through the game. It's not absolutely necessary in this case, but it would definitely be nice to have.

Altogether, it's a great game that's easy and fun to play. A few issues here and there, and the lack of a story, but otherwise great.

As sidenotes, the intro sounds for ZayPlay could definitely be improved but the concept is good, and KarateKoala intro is very random and doesn't really follow the name's suspected theme. Plus, it's also silent, which makes it less interesting.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2012
4:26 PM EST
Puzzles - Other