Glutton Parrot

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Use the arrow keys to play this great game. The parrot have to catch the fruits, and he has to avoid the trees.


Pretty good

Good part(s):
>Decent music for the whole set up of it (being a Tucan, which lives in a rainforest. so tropical music fits it)
>The drawings are good and don't look choppy
>Overall a good game

Bad part(s):
>Gets really boring after awhile (unless you got a competitive heart)

So 7/10 Sounds good to me.

animation was good quality

yes music and sound lacked a bit. the endless repetition of the drum beat was a bit annoying, perhaps tweak that. the sprites were well made and controls were fluid. not sure why it was listed at 17+ in the portal however . easily suitable for all ages

What's with the rating?

Why is this 17+?? This makes no sense . . .
Oh, and maybe I should say something about game play? That get's really boring really fast. Looks great though!


What the hell... is this? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS????? the game is rated M. It usually is for a reason. ANYONE WHO IS MATURE WILL BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP! What kind of joke is this...? It's a parrot who eats fruit. What else is there to say? The whole game is a parrot who smiles gaily moving back and forth across a tree branch eating sticks and fruit. How is this a rated M game? How is this even a game? Make something worth our precious NG time, and only then should you show your face around this place again! I USED TO BE A GAMER LIKE YOU UNTIL I PLAYED THIS GAME!!! Nuff said!

nice graphics but...

game is to basic to be really good, and it a glitch: the parrot sometimes moved right when not prompted

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2.67 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2012
1:16 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other