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There may be some bugs, my computer has been being a butt
in terms of making/publishing this. The buttons DO work, it's
really weird though it depends on your version of flash player
I think.

This took longer than i thought it would.
Though admittedly I was getting just kinda sick of
coloring/background making at the end.
That kinda delayed it a few days. I actually wound
up cutting a few scenes too.

Anywhoos! Here's my take on Dark Souls.
To be honest I'm not sure how to feel about
this cartoon. I started off really liking it, but
then it kinda became a chore near the end.

Hopefully you can enjoy it even if ya haven't played
Dark Souls. And if ya haven't, then go play it now.



Despite the animation looking a bit rough like it was drawn by pencil in hand, I ended up finding this to be impressively enjoyable. A lot of light humor kept my attention throughout. I really did get into the protagonist as well because he (if I am guessing correctly) is suppose to represent us going through the hell of this game and it worked very well. I was even yelling at him when he released the knight in golden armor. So overall the animation ended up working well despite my initial thoughts and the voices were befitting of the characters and animation.

whens the next part

hiraious you should include kirk and the curses


I haven't gotten my hands on Dark Souls for very long "A friend brought it over for a couple hours" But I have played it, and Demon's Souls enough to know that the games are made for pure punishment! IF Dark Souls is anything like Demon's Souls "Besides there not being a Nexus, but campfires as you advance on your seemingly endless journey" I am guessing the grand reward for finally beating Dark Souls is getting to start all over again in New Game +. A lot of the animation was true to the game play by far! Dying countless times, before you finally figure out what the hell is going on, and then once you finally get past a part, something even worse awaits you. Then you come across another "Ally" and decide to help them, rather than smoke them, and they cause you nothing but grief. One thing that would have been cool to include but by far not relevant to expressing your point is the fact that you seem to always start with armor you can't even wear if you want to move and roll comfortably, and without it, you had better not get hit if you don't want to die or nearly be dead. You did great on this animation, and I am happy to see there are other fans of the Dark Souls series. Hopefully soon enough, I can spend a week or two cursing it like I did demon's souls.

I was hoping to see the gravelord...

Good parody, about a HARD game
Made me laugh though... I killed the spider slut too.

Scott-Falco responds:

You kinda have to kill the spider slut

Funny Stuff

I liked it, it was funny to me. I guess it's about time we see a parody other than something that has to do with Skyrim... >_> *tries not to look guilty*.

Scott-Falco responds:

Yeah I mean, people that submit Skyrim things are like... HEY WAIT A SECOND YOU!

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Jan 23, 2012
10:37 AM EST
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