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There may be some bugs, my computer has been being a butt
in terms of making/publishing this. The buttons DO work, it's
really weird though it depends on your version of flash player
I think.

This took longer than i thought it would.
Though admittedly I was getting just kinda sick of
coloring/background making at the end.
That kinda delayed it a few days. I actually wound
up cutting a few scenes too.

Anywhoos! Here's my take on Dark Souls.
To be honest I'm not sure how to feel about
this cartoon. I started off really liking it, but
then it kinda became a chore near the end.

Hopefully you can enjoy it even if ya haven't played
Dark Souls. And if ya haven't, then go play it now.


That Was...

Nice work.

Hard game you say?

This is interesting, what system is it for I would like to play :3
It can't be much harder then LoZ. ((and for you N00bz out there I'm referring to the original Legend of Zelda, followed by the second one that turns to a side scrolling game on you, fun times fun times.))

finally, a dark souls flash!

ive been seeing way too many skyrim ones and was kinda sad that derks souls was getting left out. i liked the cartoony style, the animation was decent, it was a good length, and it made me laugh a few times, especially since i remember those points in the game (i've yet to beat smough and whatshisname). overall very good, but not the best. i liked it anyway, so keep making more animations.

that was funny

and faceless scribe: the game was DESIGNED to be hellacious...there is a difference between "not holding you by the hand and walking you through everything" and "putting death traps and hopeless bossfights at every turn" It says SURVIVE in the ads for a reason...

For those who say Dark Souls is hard

It is not impossibly hard, it is a return to when games didn't hold you by the hand, stick you with health regen,unlimited ammo, respawn without penalty, and enough treasure to buy several small nations (I'm looking at you Skyrim for that last one). It is old NES and SNES hard the kind that for those who have grown up in that golden age of games and kept playing them to this day (Heck I play games on my 360 to unwind from playing Battletoads [God I hate Turbo Tunnel])

Is it hard, Yes. But it is challenging hard, the kind where you feel every victory you claw from the game, the kind that no matter how many times you get that spear through the gut you keep on going.

And as for the people who says this game has cheap shots HAH! play the original SNES Street Fighter 2 facing Guile that is a nut shot as a player you have to charge Guile's Flash Kick the AI does not it can hit you with an instant bottom to top ht that can stagger and be repeated, and God help you if you are in the air.

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Jan 23, 2012
10:37 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
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