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Explore this huge 16bit cave and find all the treasures and secrets while upgrading your digger!

- E = Action Key
- SPACE = Open garage for buying Upgrades
- To load fuel go to your base and place on your explorer on the red icon and HOLD DOWN E

Bugs that stop running the game correctly are fixed!
Bug when you hit northern wall is fixed!


Impressively boring!

It took hard work and cunning to make a game this boring! You have a right to be proud!

I played until I reached the stone wall at 200 ft. I decided to try going around the top of the wall. That took a while, but after discovering it's not possible to go around the top, I'm giving up.

I timed how long it took for a single mining trip while in the middle of digging that tunnel around the top of the wall. Breakdown:
75 seconds to get to where I finished previously
110 seconds to mine
85 seconds to get back to the base
15 seconds to recharge
That's a total of 285 seconds for one mining trip, out of which less than half (110) seconds were spent actually mining. That was with 4/4 engine upgrade, 3/5 drill upgrade, 4/7 battery upgrade, and 2/7 recharge cells.

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it let me save a game but how do i load my saved game?

Wow I played untill i got to the 2nd area past 100 feet then i figured out how to build something. You have to click on the green area around your driller with the mouse and you can drill through it so you wont trap your self but I still dont get the point the game is all about grinding finding small rocks and metal thats it never saw much of anything else sad very sad.

Still needs work. If you're going to put controls in the author comments box, then put in how to build and research as well. Remove your logo from in the game, it's a great big distraction.

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Good concept, good interface, but far too glitchy.

While yes, this is based off of Motherload which is a great concept that game worked. My greatest problem was that the drill thing could drill when I didn't care for it, then turn around and not drill when I needed it! Other reviewers have not stated this problem so I must assume it was just a onetime incident. However if you put all this work into a game one would expect it to work every time. I'm not sure what is going on with you but if you can, get some beta testers and try to patch things up before you hope for them to be well received.

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3.53 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2012
4:44 AM EST
Skill - Collect
  • Daily 3rd Place January 24, 2012