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Block+ is a mix of Tetris and Columns.

The goal is to destroy all the blocks.

For this you need to drop the blocks from above.
If 4 blocks of the same color come together they explode.
It's as simple as that !

When you finish a level you can access it directly next timE by using the "continue game" buton.

12 levels are to be done to finish the game


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fun and challenging

Simple. Not ok with downloading anything to my computer. I'm fine with the advertising. great work. Nice dynamics. Will play again in a week or 2 to see if I feel differently. Level 4 was a good challenge.

rkn14 responds:

Hello, thank you for your test.
What do you mean with "not ok with downloading anything to my computer" ?

Really fun and addicting game. 0 Stars.

I loved this game. I really did. Until my game was interrupted every two rounds because I don't want Mochiads.com saving crap to my computer. That's borderline spyware BS.

0 stars out of principal. Don't pull this kind of crap if you want decent ratings.

rkn14 responds:

sorry it's the first time i use MochiAd. I never heard it was kind of spyware.
Don't you exaggerating or not ? Or please send me links where i can learn more about that.
0 points, it's hard, but it's life !


The concept is simple; a game where you connect four of the same piece in order to clear the pieces. The execution is good, but it could be better.

Let's start with graphics. No problems in that regard. Art direction was present in every image, and the fonts and images complement each other as they should.

I had a few issues with sound. For one, the selection noise is too loud. Playing with subwoofer on, it easily overpowered the in-game music. Speaking of the in-game music, it was nice at first, but it's repetitive screeching tones made me shut it off after a while. This problem could be circumvented by having more than one background song. One last problem is that if multiple drops occur simultaneously, the sounds they make tend to get loud quickly.

Gameplay-wise, the difficulty curve is a bit screwed up. It's more like multiple exponential functions rather than one solid smooth curve. To put it more simply, 8 lines of one number of colors will always be more difficult than two lines of the next number because 8 lines gives you less room for error. Also, level design is very linear, and players can easily tell what's coming next, which can be an issue depending on how you want your game designed.

Lastly, interface. The instructions only tell you how to play the game, and not what the controls are. I figured it out quickly, but others may not. Also I noted the lack of a pause function, either because it doesn't exist, or because I was unable to figure out what it was, which ties into the problem that the controls aren't clearly stated.

The game is good, but it's numerable issues tie the game down. Put some thought into these implementations in your next game, and it will definitely be better.

rkn14 responds:

Thank you UniversalEdge for all your advice.
Block+ is the first game i make alone. That's certainly why it is not perfect.
And yes, some things were made a little in emergency... because time is short :s
Some sounds should be remade, or re-mastered.

I will certainly make a 1.2 version with some of your requests : pause button, better sounds, better instructions.


Very unique.

rkn14 responds:

thank you :)
The music is unique and is from me, like all things in this game.
You touched me in the heart !


Not the usual stack and puzzler. The music did start to bother me at first but then I became focused on playing I didn't notice it any more. Not a bad little game, great job ! :)

rkn14 responds:

thank you :)