Dora No More Part 1 Of 3

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First off, my Brother and I are 38 and 34. As a matter of fact, the picture of me in our logo is me at 10 when I first started computer animation in DOS. I have been animating for two decades and he has been a professional singer/songwriter for nearly as long, so I don't want to hear any B.S. questioning the "legitamacy" of our work. We spent over a year working on this in our spare time when not freelancing for well known brands.

I only regret that the 10Mb size limit on Newgrounds forced us to split the video into three parts and compress the hell out of it. So, yes, it is a bit grainy, but I would hope you can look past that and judge the work based on its artistic merits and not on the limits of the medium. You can see the HD version on youtube if you want to see this in its glory.

The primary animation and elements were created in flash, the shading and 3D compositing were done in AfterEffects. The music was created and performed by my brother with Acid 6.0. No, this music is not his style, it was created and calculated to have mass appeal.


Touched a nerve did I?

There were two of these up yesterday now there is only the one?

If you pulled them down due to comments you didn't approve of or a low score thats kind of pathetic guys...
If they were blammed and you resubmitted thats against the rules.

Regardless my opinion stands, didn't care for the flash nor the song, though admittedly its a lot better to watch the HD youtube version then the NG version.
Perhaps it is the compression but its just not as entertaining here on NG as it was on youtube.

Again though it just seems a bit too polished for me so I once more question its legitimacy. Get upset all you want, I'm only one person so my opinion shouldn't matter dearly to you. In the long run I am just one voter so its not like my vote does much damage to you.

StringAnime responds:

No, actually I pulled it due to the adds not working and some glitchy problems. I know now that you can modify Submissions. You are reading too much into this and it comes off as a narcissistic penis envy.

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Jan 22, 2012
2:43 PM EST
Comedy - Parody