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FINALLY the time has arrived for the continuation of The Age OF The Brotherhood with this all new installment. It's been one hell of a bumpy ride getting it here but we got there in the end.

Yeah this one is a big one at about 20 - 30 mins long, done as a way to say sorry for the long waiting time. so please be paitent with the loading.

Sonic is back! In his war against the evil Dr. Eggman and his elite army of Metal Sonic robots called The Brotherhood Of Metallix. Sonic looks to tip the scales in his favour by retrieving his fathers sword and with it the shards of the emerald of balance that are sealed within it's Steel.

Sonic: Sonicking
Tails: VoiceGirl
Amy: Rina Chan
Eggman: Viremaster
Nero: Worm 34
Jules: Milanous
General: Akito Shikyoken
Cody: Milanous
Metallix Prime: Milanous
Desert Dweller: Steven Nathaniels

And introducing Omahdon as The Narrator

Note: For the full story see the previous Age part one and the Rise Of The Brotherhood flash story.

UPDATE: Fixed a few flaws such as missing dialogue and lack of lip sync in some lines.



This episode was the best of all the previous episodes which in that you ''killed'' that pitiful sonic and revived the one we know the ''adventurous'' sonic. Also you the combinations you made in the sounds effects were succesfull plus the voice actors which they really know how to speak their roles...so keep it up!You deserve my 10


okay that was the most epic part of the whole movie i can't wait to see another one,especially with nero in it he so freaking killed em i just wish i had his sprites so i could put him in a comic but oh well just a dream i'll have to move on from

it was great but...

there should have been some other sound effects at other parts and i caught on how when sonic was suppose to say"Dad... your here" or something similiar to that, there was no voice and also you were kinda sloppy with the layering... otherwise it was great!!:)

another epic installment

I've been waiting for this since I discovered your Sonic sprite movies a couple of months back, and I can say, I'm not at all disappointed! I know I'm supposed to comment on this movie in particular, but I do want to say a few words about the series in general (or should I say series of series, since I'm thinking of Sonic Origins and Rise of the Brotherhood, too). I love the way your stories are not only action-packed but emotionally powerful (e.g. Sonic's banishment and the death of Ashura). And I love the way you've recombined the elements of the Sonic multiverse (as a die-hard SatAM fan, I felt a big smile curl up my face when I saw the words "Freedom Fighters") and yet created something that's your own.
Anyway, about the current episode - the sprite animation was top-notch, especially the 3-D effects. I had mixed feelings about the combination of the "drawn" characters with the sprites - it was a little jarring at first, but I got used to it. As for the voice acting, I thought it was pretty good, though I agree with some of the other reviewers that Eggman sounds metallic (or was that intentional?) and Nero was a little wheezy or slurred. On the other hand, I think Sonic's voice has improved, and I love Tails and Amy. (Tails's "ow" made me LOL!) I did notice there were a few lines of dialog that were captioned, but not spoken. Finally, I have to say I love that scene where Eggman's chasing Sonic and you realized it's the boss from the Marble Zone! It's the little details like that that really make me love your work.
Anyway, keep up the awesome work! Looking forward to Part 3!

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The story is kinda strange and the guy who voices Nero sounded like he was out of breath everytime he spoke.

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